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Enchantment - Aura
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Enchant creature
2WhiteWhite: Remove enchanted creature and all Auras attached to it from the game. At end of turn, return that card to play under its owner's control. If you do, return those Auras to play under their owners' control enchanting that creature.
All Sets:
Ravnica: City of Guilds (Rare)
Commander 2013 Edition (Rare)
Commander Anthology (Rare)
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10/1/2005 The card that was enchanted comes back onto the battlefield first, regardless of whether it's still a creature. Then any Auras exiled that can legally enchant that card come back. Any Auras that can't enchant that permanent remain exiled.
10/1/2005 If the enchanted creature was a token, it ceased to exist when it was exiled. Any Auras that were attached to it (including Flickerform) remain exiled.
7/1/2013 If the enchanted creature was also enchanted by Copy Enchantment, Copy Enchantment will return to the battlefield attached to that permanent. As Copy Enchantment returns to the battlefield, its controller may choose any enchantment on the battlefield for it to copy. It can't copy Flickerform or any other Aura returning to the battlefield at the same time. If it copies a non-Aura enchantment, it returns to the battlefield unattached instead.
2/1/2014 If the enchanted creature was enchanted by any Auras with bestow or any Licids, those cards will return to the battlefield unattached as creatures.

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