Demigod of Revenge
Community Rating:
Community Rating: 4.054 / 5  (56 votes)
Card Name:
Demigod of Revenge
Mana Cost:
Black or RedBlack or RedBlack or RedBlack or RedBlack or Red
Converted Mana Cost:
Creature — Spirit Avatar
Card Text:
Flying, haste
When you cast Demigod of Revenge, return all cards named Demigod of Revenge from your graveyard to the battlefield.
Flavor Text:
"His laugh, a bellowing, deathly din, slices through the heavens, making them bleed."
—The Seer's Parables
5 / 4
All Sets:
Shadowmoor (Rare)
Modern Masters (Rare)
Card Number:
5/1/2008 This ability triggers when you cast Demigod of Revenge as a spell. It won't trigger if Demigod of Revenge is put directly onto the battlefield.
5/1/2008 The triggered ability will resolve before Demigod of Revenge will.
5/1/2008 If Demigod of Revenge is countered *before* its triggered ability resolves, the ability will still resolve. It will return that Demigod of Revenge from your graveyard to the battlefield, as well as any others. If you're casting a spell to counter Demigod of Revenge, it's important to clarify you're casting it *after* the triggered ability resolves if you don't want that Demigod of Revenge to be put onto the battlefield.

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