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Every card in Time Spiral was a throwback to at least one previously printed card.

This card is part of a cycle of 3 casting cost mana-producing artifacts that turn into creatures which cannot be reprinted due to the Reserved list. This card is referencing Two-Headed Giant of Foriys (pronounced like the 'four-eyes' on the two heads). The others in this cycle include Chronatog Totem, Phyrexian Totem, Thunder Totem, and Weatherseed Totem.
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (12/2/2012 12:49:04 AM)


@RedRapist: It has to be a creature when it hits the field. So no luck with the Hamletback or the Door. However I don't see why it can't work with the urn.
Posted By: ninjaboy05 (9/7/2010 4:22:36 PM)


The totems are really great ways to remember old creatures. I would like to see one in each setting when a plane is revisited.
Posted By: sweetestsadist (11/29/2008 7:38:57 PM)


Since only a creature can 'block' or 'attack' (as in the verb, some spells may block a creature, but only "becomes blocked" it doesn't block it), I wonder why they choose "only as a creature" in the wording for double blocking.

I guess it could confuse some players.

"can block an additional creature" COOL my artifact can block a creature :P
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (9/13/2011 2:13:33 PM)


It lets Blind-spot Giants attack, it can be thrown with Brion Stoutarm, it can use Crush Underfoot, and it can be equipped.

But, a few things I don't know:

1. Does making it into a creature count as a creature entering the battlefield? After all, it was on the battlefield before it was a creature, and if it had any counters on it, they stay on it. But does it make Hamletback Goliath grow? Does it put a counter on Door of Destinies?

2. When it hits the graveyard, can you use Colfenor's Urn?

Can anyone help me out on that?
Posted By: RedRapist (8/15/2010 2:24:33 PM)


This card works for me.
I nearly always have a 1-drop on the third turn so I only lose two mana, it ramps me into 6 mana quicker, and when my red deck has played out it's whole hand, then I get to attack with a 4/4 trample.
Sure, I could use felwar stone and get lucky anytime an opponent is using red, but the additional flexibility this allows makes this worth it.
Also, it amuses me to no end that this is an homage to a card with one of the most ridiculous creature names ever: Two-Headed Giant of Foriys (Say it out loud if you don't get it)
Posted By: kiseki (8/20/2011 2:58:47 PM)


@red and ninja: it won't work with the urn, by the time it's in the graveyard it isn't a creature anymore so the urn won't trigger.
Posted By: Wormfang (12/27/2013 12:31:32 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!