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Each Time Spiral card was an homage to at least one previously printed card.

This card is referencing Goblin Warrens complete with a reference to the oft-quoted Fallen Empires-era tome, Sarpadian Empires, vol. VII (and volumes I-VI).
Posted By: Missile_Penguin (3/28/2012 5:05:31 PM)



This might look like a goblin card, but in truth its a storm card.
Posted By: patronofthesound (2/19/2013 1:50:24 AM)


This card is why every Pauper deck should sideboard Echoing Truth, Hurly-Burly or Sandstorm.
Posted By: SirZapdos (3/19/2012 8:29:56 AM)


so few comments? this card has been used to tremendous effect in many decks.
Posted By: metalevolence (12/4/2009 2:47:26 AM)


Turn one, on the draw;
Jack plays Mountain
Jack taps Mountain
Jack casts Rite of Flame
Jack casts Desperate Ritual
Jack casts Seething Song
Jack casts Seething Song
Jack casts Lightning Bolt
Jack casts Lightning Bolt
Jack casts Empty the Warrens
System: Player Lost

Posted By: HairlessThoctar (7/26/2010 4:53:19 PM)


The ultimate goblin spammer, because blue will have trouble countering all of the storms.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/17/2010 7:32:40 PM)


I use this card to great effect in my goblin deck. Combos great with desperate ritual
and seething song. I one dropped 10 goblins turn one through use of two desperate rituals, a seething song. And a goblin warstrike. Turn three the game was over.
Posted By: fbninja (7/17/2010 8:50:28 PM)


He only played one land. How about actually reading the comment before you trash it.

Pyroclasm cost 2 mana

Stop hating on it. Of course there are answers to it, but it's still epic if and when it actually happened. I uild a test modern deck that hit a storm of 13 of this on turn 2, so it is possible (then they banned ponder and preordain, but w/e)
Posted By: swords_to_exile (5/14/2012 7:58:25 PM)


Using this in conjunction with a Dark Ritual or two has helped me really keep up with the numbers game involved in my friend's elf deck.
Posted By: Dobruk (7/3/2010 1:12:44 AM)


My favorite scenario:

Opponent casts 90 mana spells then Empty the Warrens and a Goblin Bushwacker with kicker then swings with a legion.

I pay 2 life to cast Marrow Shards.
Posted By: deth2munkies (6/9/2011 8:33:46 AM)


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