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The art is probably the only cool thing about this card.
Posted By: zombietomb (2/5/2010 7:14:57 AM)


not a very good card but like everyone says, the art is really good. i like it.
Posted By: iNathan (7/25/2010 8:22:26 PM)


Wait . . This isn't bad . .
You can return it whenever you cast a multicolored spell, so this can become better than Squee, Goblin Nabob in a right deck.
Cast Hidden Horror on turn three, discard Sandstorm Eidolon.
Cast Avatar of Discord on turn four, before discarding two cards, return Sandstorm Eidolon. Discard Sandstorm Eidolon and Fiery Temper Cast Fiery Temper for madness cost.

Of course, in most cases Squee, Goblin Nabob is better, but I think it is possible to build around her . .
Posted By: Hoonster (3/6/2011 1:17:56 PM)


I'd rather use that red mana to fry said creature with Lightning Bolt.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (12/31/2009 7:50:11 PM)


A 4CMC utility card? >_>
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (2/19/2011 6:15:21 AM)


are there any multycolored discard-your-own-cards-for-good decks=? that would be the only use cuz a 2/2 for 4cmc is bad, its utility is also...
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (3/28/2011 9:48:03 AM)


I keep my eyes open for new cards, hoping that someday there will be something that breaks the Eidolons. I don't expect the interaction to involve casting the actual spirits, but rather using them as discard fodder while spamming gold spells. It just seems like such a waste not to use a card with artwork like that.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/27/2011 4:14:48 PM)


Hey! It's Angelina Jolie on a magic card!
Posted By: Pinsir52 (10/4/2010 7:41:40 AM)


i've got nothing
Posted By: DaaNz (9/12/2009 11:16:13 PM)


Sexy art. But otherwise, too costly. If she had flying (like her art would indicate) or her sac ability was less limited in when you could use it and have it be useful, but as she is...
And Sandstorm? Does her art sugest Sandstorm in any way? I suspect her name and ability were changed after her art was commisioned, and the artist was never told of the changes. Might explain the lack of flying as well.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/18/2010 7:13:27 AM)


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