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Surely this + Vampire Hexmage could amount to something HUGE - if anyone should bother to try...
Posted By: LiXinjian (2/2/2010 8:52:15 PM)


Best way ever to cheat out Debtors' Knell
Posted By: okfs87_7 (12/1/2010 12:26:36 PM)


@LiXinjian: Eh, that combo costs too much for too little gain unless you can also discard your hand and all lands to pull off a Barren Glory win. Besides, anyone going for a combo like that is probably playing in a format where Academy Rector is legal.
Posted By: EternalLurker (2/11/2010 6:33:27 AM)


He sure does find Lucent Liminid real good in a draft. Opponent wasn't worried at all, what good would an enchantment do me? Showed him.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 7:12:52 PM)


best target ever
Posted By: monkeymonk42 (7/8/2012 9:37:20 PM)


The Hexmage could be helpful, but there aren't many HUGE enchantments you couldn't get turn 7.
Posted By: land_comment (4/12/2011 4:05:01 AM)


They released cards in the same set that work with this card better than hexmage does. Hexmage's fate is already sealed, anyways.
Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (6/4/2010 9:21:56 AM)


My opponent thought this was harmless... Until it lost its final time counter and I searched my deck for Eldrazi Con***ion and put it enchanting Zur...
Posted By: Bursama (1/24/2011 11:45:13 AM)


Get more bang for your buck using this and Followed Footsteps - even cheating out another Followed Footsteps or possibly a Copy Enchantment.
Posted By: agentvirgo (6/20/2011 7:32:40 PM)


1: carrion feeder
2: hexmage
3: anything
4: lost auramancers, immediately remove counters and sac it for your enchantment!
Posted By: iantewks (9/8/2010 7:13:31 PM)