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Best used with the Rift Elemental.
Posted By: iondragonx (10/22/2009 9:50:01 AM)


Really cool concept. A tad slow, but that's fine.
It's been rather fun with Balefire Liege.
Posted By: Atmos (2/19/2010 1:37:49 PM)


What happens if this card is in my graveyard and I or my opponent memory plunder's it? Does it remove itself with three time counters? I think it would.

If it does and it was my opponent who plundered it, whose upkeep do the time counters come off on? Who controls the spell when it finally resolves? How does suspend work when an opponent is controlling the spell?

Also, freakin good card, i have a deck based around this and the blue and white resuspending cards.
Posted By: Dernul (3/26/2010 4:16:39 PM)


I actually really like this card, because it can be either player or creature, so you don't have to use it on something you don't want to if there's no creatures in play besides your own. It may only do 2, but it does it again and again through out the game. It's fantastic with volcanic fallout as well, clearing field of all small creatures and then taking down there 4/4, or a 5/5 with a lightning bolt tacked onto it. Get 2 going at the same time and you can have a 4 power burn damage for free every secondish turn. The disadvantage for all this utility being its slow, even when you cast it initially at 3 it wont come into play for a few turns, unless you hardcast it at 5 which most people wont want to do.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (2/11/2010 5:38:11 PM)


Yeah it's a bit on the small side, but still, recurring damage like this is nice.
Still, for an investment this big, would 3 have been too big guys?
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/7/2012 5:13:00 PM)


I currently have a deck built around this card and I have had very little trouble with it, its a little slower than many burn decks but it keeps many of the other player's important but weaker creatures off the field and can be used in quite a few helpful combos especially in multiplayer 5/5 in my eyes
Posted By: Hakkayo (8/17/2012 6:47:31 PM)



If an opponent plunders your Arc Blade, all of its effects pertain to that player. It will be suspended on their "side" essentially. They will remove counters from it on their upkeep. The spell will be theirs when it resolves. It will effectively be theirs. Pretty much for good. Unless you counter it to put it back in your graveyard.
Posted By: OpeeFomenom (9/5/2012 5:06:25 AM)


Pretty slow in a standard deck but still decently effective if played right.
I used to look at this card and go "meh, it should be three damage."
I know now that that would be a bad choice
In Jhoira EDH it would make it even more of a dik card...
multiple Jhoira's Timebug
Posted By: ArtifactFreak (9/5/2012 8:28:04 PM)


This card is really overpriced, but its such a beautiful card you want to like it. If it did 3 damage or even 4, would be fantastic. Most 1v1 games are over before this can hit twice.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/4/2013 11:25:13 AM)


Unfortunately, Forking the card only deals 2 additional damage. If a copy of a spell is in a zone other than the stack, it ceases to exist.
Posted By: .Akiu (2/8/2010 11:22:27 AM)