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Here, have some cookies with your Fireblast!
Posted By: Hovercraft (7/14/2010 7:37:29 PM)


Obviously one of the best and most powerful cards ever printed in Magic. The options that this thing creates for a paltry two mana are insane.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (12/29/2009 6:36:49 AM)


They should bring this back. Twincast is good, but fork is just as good.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (5/17/2010 11:40:08 AM)


Ah, Fork. The possibilities seem endless. With that said, all I ever seemed to want to do with Fork was duplicate a huge Fireball or Disintegrate. I mean, that's the whole point of Fork, isn't it? Unfortunately for me, Fork never played as well on the table as I imagined it in my head. Often it would sit in my hand, waiting for the right time to be played. More often than not, I'd lose with it still sitting in my hand, waiting for that X-burner or enough mana to PLAY the X-burner plus the Fork. Don't get me wrong, I like Fork. I think I just missed out on most of its potential as a beginning player.
Posted By: Eppek_the_Goblin (3/16/2010 1:16:56 PM)


@Kryptnyt: They are bringing it back in M11, only with a different name! Sweet!
Posted By: drunyon (7/2/2010 6:59:11 PM)


Too bad Spoon and Knife never got printed.

However I call Twincast "Chopsticks" cause it released in Saviors of Kamigawa

@sugga: Yeah but there are so many word for word reprints that it honestly isn't broken in any format. Go ahead, name one where this, twincast, or Reverberate is tier 1. Only broken as hell cards get banned, like skullclamp.
Posted By: ultratog1028 (8/19/2010 9:29:49 AM)


I always loved forking my opponents demonic tutor.
Posted By: RampMage (9/12/2010 11:03:26 AM)


Twincast is better than Fork as Twincast can be used as Force of Will fuel, that's it. Otherwise, for a long time Fork was very cool and effective in burn decks. Still is a cool card, if only there was a red FOW...
Posted By: limbrooke (1/25/2011 4:31:29 PM)


Fork or Twincast Time Walk.
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/8/2010 7:11:52 PM)


Lol @ all the people who think Twincast is 2 words
Posted By: psyklone (1/18/2010 3:44:06 PM)