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Essentially 3 mana for 4 damage. The the tap ability means this card can take out 4/4 fliers and not get taken out himself. Sweet card, great defender.
Posted By: sarroth (1/4/2010 6:53:48 AM)


My favorite art for this card. Seems like a decent ablility to kill off some flyers but more than likely your opponent just wouldn't attack with their creature if you are going to kill it, but that's still helpful. I think if this card had reach it would be much more playable.
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (12/6/2009 3:33:15 PM)


Goodbye, Niv-Mizzet, we shall miss you
Posted By: EpitomeOfEvilness (1/10/2011 8:49:29 AM)


I, unlike TreeTrunkMaster, do not like this card art at all. At the very least, the Femeref are black people.

I find it bizarre that the only humans in 7th edition are all white. No diversity amongst them.
Posted By: Talcos (4/14/2011 10:27:26 AM)


Cool flavor text. I personally hate cards like this. The opponent simply wont attack with his fliers with toughness<5 until he finds an answer to the archers. It probably wont actually kill any fliers unless the opponent is swinging in for the win anyway.
Posted By: Crag-Hack (7/24/2011 2:46:58 PM)


The only good art for this card. And this is a great card for its cost.
Posted By: Morgaledh (8/25/2012 5:33:15 PM)


Raking Canopy is strictly better.
Posted By: wholelottalove (9/29/2012 10:13:01 AM)


No, wholelottalove, Raking Canopy is not strictly better. It can't attack, and it costs double-green.

But it is better.

In any event, a big old pinger, even a very situational one, is interesting in green. An example of a card fitting for flavor rather than mechanics.
Posted By: Reversed (7/23/2013 10:24:43 AM)


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