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The thing that makes this card balanced is that it doesn't boost toughness. A creature that attacks with it will die just as easily, they will just be incredibly useful as they die.
Posted By: themonkey74 (12/24/2009 1:43:09 PM)


Good god the reminder text. Get this in foil for happiness and relief.
Posted By: Goatllama (12/6/2011 7:31:40 PM)


As powerful as this is, it feels 'fair' somehow... it's just making your own creature better, rather than screwing with the opponent, and despite the fact that an equipped hammer often signifies game over, people are much more willing to fight on against it than against a certain couple of other equipment cards...
Posted By: stygimoloch (6/23/2009 10:32:42 PM)


Good ol' loxodon warhammer- any deck with a creature can use (win) with it. I used to believe they were quite broken, (Untill I saw that damn Jitte)

If there is a saving grace when faced with the hammer, it's not often you see it equipped the same turn it's played. Hopefully one has sufficient time to liquidate it.
Posted By: Smoked_Peasant (12/29/2008 1:13:46 PM)


Try it with Kor Duelist.
Posted By: P-Slice (8/4/2010 2:28:46 PM)


We gave this thing all sorts of names.
noob hammer
ban hammer
rofl hammer

I think we settled with `the hammer of win`
Posted By: thaviel (3/1/2009 8:07:14 PM)


Probably the best equipment that's still fair (unlike say, Sword of Fire and Ice, or Umezawa's Jitte). Back when I played blue-white blink I needed some way to make those little Mulldrifters and whatnot actually do something. This card was the answer. Likewise, it's a great win-more card for a lot of decks since any color can play it. I love it.
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (5/20/2009 11:58:15 PM)


this card is famous for comboing with troll ascetic
Posted By: Hydrogoose (3/14/2009 3:41:30 AM)


Loxodon Warhammer + Ageless Entity = auto-win
Posted By: Darkerside784 (8/30/2009 1:38:53 PM)


the fact that you can play this on turn two or three and let it sit until you have enough mana to play it on a creature is great. so it really only costs three as long as no one disenchants it. Also it will stay on the field when you creature dies and just wait for something else to attach to. Equiptments are unfair versions of enchant creatures and this is a perfect example. And lifelink stacks so you could, with two of these, deal six but gain twelve.
Posted By: Pago-Pago (5/10/2009 6:38:05 AM)


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