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one problum, Platinum angel is 7 mana so even with painters servant to get it you still lose (unless you have 7 lands etc) not that great a combo because all it does is get a card out
Posted By: qaq456 (2/20/2010 7:00:27 PM)


Outside of that painful Hive Mind combo, the pacts are mostly useful for when you're confident you will never have another upkeep. There's one exception, I guess -- a lot of those crazy combo Snowball Elves decks run four Zenith and three Pacts to ensure an early Heritage Druid.

(Heritage Druid usually pays for the Pact next turn by generating the GreenGreenGreen for you, provided you still have a Forest in play for the fourth mana, and provided your other elves haven't been burned.)
Posted By: Salient (1/30/2012 2:40:08 PM)


I feel like everyone is missing a really obvious use for this...
Ya know how everyone plays 4 Elvish Spirit Guides in legacy combo decks to get the quick pitch mana to get the combo off? Using this to get ESG is like having 8 of them in your deck (assuming you are ready to go off)
Posted By: ApathyVoc (1/4/2013 7:58:49 AM)


Great for searching a combo that wins the game immediately.
Posted By: rubber (10/11/2009 7:25:33 AM)


Actually, the point is to use this while you've got Hive Mind out.
Posted By: McThor (5/4/2010 3:30:02 PM)


Platinum Angel ain't meant to be searched with this, just so you dont have to pay that upkeep cost
Posted By: Qazior (9/12/2009 11:36:01 AM)


uh, guys. the point is to already have the platinum angel and use like four of these to get like four different creatures and never pay to search for them.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/30/2010 3:30:55 PM)


I cast this with hive mind
Posted By: jbeleren (12/26/2009 11:10:37 PM)


EXCELLENT idea, Forgeling...the loss only triggers once, so you don't have to have green mana even if the Platinum Angel dies later. Unfortunately, Platinum Angel, as I just realized while typing this sentence, is colorless, which disagrees with the card.
Posted By: ratchet1215 (8/27/2009 9:12:09 AM)


If you use Painter's Servant and name green you can cast this getting Platinum angel the same turn.
Posted By: BladeAce (11/15/2009 11:22:07 PM)


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