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I think this one gets underated a lot. In an agro-discard style deck this is a valuable spell alongside Alara-block cards like singe-mind orgre, blightning, sedraxis specter. It's great spot-removal on it's own (-4/-4) or as a boomerang in the afore mentioned deck. Plus, it's final ability has no problem pushing through 4 or 6 extra damage (often enough to win the game) once something dangerous like great sable stag manages to stick.

Sure, there are other, often better, versions of all this spell's abilities, but its versatility makes it worth playing.
Posted By: dgregory (9/19/2009 11:11:32 PM)


i think the Crosis's Charm is better.
of coure -4/-4 kills every creature (exept Phyrexian Dreadnought and maybe Tarmogoyf) but the last ability of the crosis charm is much better than this one here
Posted By: punkaffe (8/3/2009 11:00:51 AM)


For me this is a good card if you know how to use it... Works well with my grixis/unearth deck. Promising support spell.
Posted By: erikmetal (9/1/2009 3:25:48 PM)


how does this kill the siege tower? his toughness is 5... last i checked 5-4=1 which means he's still alive. I like Crosis's charm more, but that's just because it does a little more for control while this does more for aggro. I do like that they kept the boomerang for the blue part of both charms.
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (9/26/2010 12:15:00 PM)


People who down rate this has not thought of a grixis artifact deck.

cheap swarm of artifact creatures and with Steel Overseer to boot.
Posted By: iSlapTrees (5/4/2011 10:28:30 AM)


Amazing one-of with Mystical Teachings!
Posted By: iantewks (6/5/2011 2:01:27 PM)


5/5 for flavor text matching the card text.
Posted By: dberry02 (6/14/2011 8:24:47 PM)


I just love that it is a cool looking fish.
Posted By: Tearthesky (8/10/2011 12:13:57 AM)


I think nobody is seriously complaining about the Blue and Black aspects of the card. Those are clearly useful and well-costed, comparable to other good cards in these colors.

Black, which is Grixis' center, historically has trouble with artifacts and Red can very nicely Shatter on Crosis' Charm. But we'd like a new spell, frankly, so that's not the answer.

I think that I would have liked to see a Lava Axe stuck on this. That would have been quite nice, and more reliable than the creature boost. Unfortunately, they choose to make Grixis very zombies focused, when nobody will really seriously consider Red or Blue zombies...
If you want zombies, either go mono Black, or Golgari Dredge. I hear winning a Vintage Championship qualifies you as a 'good deck'. But I think we can blame unearth for the +2/+0 here..
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/23/2011 10:53:35 PM)


I run these in a Grixis Galvanoth deck. They're sooooooo versatile. Creature removal means I can toss my burn spells at my opponent's dome. Bounce opens up a path for Galvy to swing. Path of Anger's Flame gives me that extra oomph to end the game with Goblin tokens (courtesy of Dragon Fodder).

Posted By: GracefulInferno (12/10/2011 8:19:28 AM)