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hideaway is a cool ability, but topdecking isn't very common - for both players at least
Posted By: Lexew (5/3/2009 5:51:49 PM)


Heck, i can understand that this would have been quite powerful, maybe even better than the other Hideaway lands if just either condition was required, but like this that card is quite weak and rather useless...
Possibly they didn't want only you to have no cards in hand since this could make an unconditional activation of that ability possible once you empty your hand.
But since your opponent knows what this land does, he won't let you activate that ability too easy, therefore you'd have to come up with some discard in order to be able to activate it, hence i don't think this requirement alone would have been too powerful actually.

Sigh...maybe this can still find some use in a Hellbent deck or something...
Posted By: Mode (8/6/2009 7:19:13 PM)


Mmmm... think of Balance effects and it might work in a white/black deck. Probably one of the few cards that would work well with Mind Swords.
Posted By: DrJones (7/4/2010 8:16:54 AM)


Even with a Hellbent deck the conditions are nearly impossible to pull off; trust me, I've tried.
It seems like a cool idea at first, but there's a reason these things are going for 10¢ each...
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (7/17/2010 11:00:42 PM)


Perhaps more people will find its ability playable now that Sire of Insanity exists.
Posted By: Kontrah (5/7/2013 8:02:51 AM)


The worst of the hideaway lands because you have to have such a specialized deck to work it.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (11/26/2010 2:11:38 PM)


Mindslicer breaks this card
Posted By: madformedusa (10/1/2009 8:02:42 PM)


does anyone else really want to go to the place depicted in the artwork?
Posted By: 70spartan (2/15/2010 9:29:41 PM)


this turn one or two, hide something nice and gamebreaking.
turn three, show and tell a hivemind in.
turn four, one with nothing, activate hollow.
Posted By: PolskiSuzeren (7/21/2010 8:24:04 PM)


Yeah, black really got the shaft here with the hideaway lands. You'd have to work around activating this ability whereas the others have abilities that function just off of what your deck should be doing in the first place. And if you're going to be spending that much effort, why not just pay for the spell?
Posted By: 2pcsofcandy (6/2/2009 10:56:57 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!