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Quick note that nobody cares about: "Fulminata" is latin for "armed with lightning". I just find it cool.
Posted By: Todris052 (3/19/2012 12:46:57 PM)


Non-basic lands are a big deal now and I find this card much more useful in play. When non-basic lands now turn into powerful creatures, deal damgage, buff up creatures, produce mana and bring back the dead this would be very handy to have.
Posted By: Asic (4/28/2010 12:42:25 PM)


@Channelblaze: No, because he's red/black, not monored. The EDH official site has more information about off-color hybrids and other similar stuff.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (1/28/2011 2:32:09 PM)


He's a rare because he's great with Cauldron of Souls. Any time Wizards staples a cool spell or ability to a creature, it becomes ten times better because of creature recursion. Besides, this guy fits into a lot of different mana profiles. He kills nonbasic lands for really cheap, and everyone I know who's been playing for at least a year runs nonbasics. And there are plenty of nonbasic lands in classic that are worth destroying.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (6/2/2011 11:42:32 AM)


@Tommy9898: Actually, Fulminator's non-basic land clause isn't very limiting at all. Because non-basic lands are so common in standard, you're practically guaranteed a target.

Add to that the versatility of being a creature, and I'd say he's as good as Stone Rain.
Posted By: Fireballmage (5/7/2012 3:05:37 PM)


Definitely better than Stone Rain. Probably better than Molten Rain.

Playable in red or black
Is a creature so you can end a long game if your opponent has dead draws
Can chump-block and still be sacrificed to prevent the attacking creature's damage and kill a land
Can be main-decked (because it's still a creature)

Maybe not a 5/5, but not a bad card either.
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (10/11/2012 10:13:20 PM)


Looking at all of these comments, it looks like they are all about 6 months or older. This card I personally believe has more relevance now that both zendikar AND worldwake are out. Who isn't using at least four nonbasic lands now. AT LEAST four, and it seems like a lot of people are using all non basics. If any of you guys that commented this already stumble across this, let me know if you agree with me or not. I'm curious what you guys think now that the LANDS ALIVE block has unfolded almost entirely.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (4/11/2010 6:32:46 PM)


Archrival of Anathemancer.

@Gasnaked: It can't destroy basic lands so not strictly better than stone rain. Poison the well has similar color palette.

Not my 3 drop of choice
Posted By: Aww.Gasm (10/3/2009 2:05:57 AM)


In an extended Elemental deck, this guy can be horribly mean! 5/5
Posted By: Beekhead (2/22/2011 12:49:18 AM)


combine this one with grim discovery and terramorphic expanse
Posted By: duke_Qa (10/14/2009 11:43:01 AM)