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The answer Wizards gave to green for this in Sixth Edition? Warthog. You'd almost think green wasn't a great color then or something.
Posted By: Saikuba (5/30/2011 11:23:37 AM)


I'm not a fan of color hate, but the art is nice.
Posted By: Qoid (2/13/2011 9:01:11 AM)


Oh color hate. It's a great sideboard against any green deck. Destroy most or all of your opponents creatures for 3? Sounds pretty good.
Posted By: raptorjesus69 (7/5/2010 4:59:04 PM)


This is a very powerful hoser. Possibly equivilant to a Damnation that only burys your opponen's creatures and costs 1 colored mana less.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/12/2010 2:04:50 AM)


What greatness!
Posted By: Sugga (7/11/2010 5:11:19 AM)


I'm actually glad to see that cards like this and Choke and the CoP's aren't reprinted anymore. They're either overpowered and unfun, or totally useless.

Also, I don't think Magic is about "color-hosing." It's the most thoughtless type of interaction, and it shouldn't effect a game this much. If you want to shut your opponent down, you should have to figure out what he's actually trying to do besides just what lands or color permanents he has, and play a card that stops his actual specific strategy and key cards. Good riddance to these.
Posted By: EGarrett01 (5/14/2013 1:45:11 AM)


It is sadly ironic that Rebecca Guay, one of the greatest green artists of all time, painted the art for the most cruel green hate card to grace Magic. Yet the tragically beautiful picture does somewhat soften the blow when it is played.
Posted By: Cheezinator (8/10/2011 10:54:09 PM)


Why in god's name was this ever printed? As A3Kitsune pointed out it costs 1 less than wrath of god/damnation and won't kill your creatures (assuming the obvious lack of green in your deck of course). It's less color intensive so you could easily splash for it in your blue control deck.
I guess the rationale was that it only works on certain decks, but that's a small consolation for green mages.
Posted By: TPmanW (1/5/2011 9:10:48 PM)


Of course, in legacy this has been errata'd to

Destroy all tarmogoyfs.
Posted By: Cardinal-Ximinez (5/11/2011 4:52:01 PM)


Posted By: JackP (4/7/2011 9:30:02 AM)


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