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weak? srsly? he's black/red, enchant him with Fists of the Demigod and unless your enemy's creatures have a power of 9 or more or a 3 powered first-striker, they can't mess with him and yes he dies to burn/removal more easily but at least he hits back on those spells *cough*pathtoexile*cough*
Posted By: klauth (3/9/2010 2:06:21 AM)


This is why we have Regeneration and Coalition Flag.

Posted By: niceguygreensboro (9/24/2010 3:45:55 PM)


This guy hates wrath of god. It totally removes the lulz out of hiim.
Posted By: skew (8/10/2010 2:31:36 AM)



You're going to swing with a 4/1 liege that buffs up your other creatures +2/+2? You can call him a weak liege but R&D obviously wanted players to have this guy hang back. That way opponents are forced to remove him through non-combat methods, and that's what hurts; they lose a killspell and 4 life, or you continue to hit hard with cinders. Thrown into a Grixis deck and you have the blue mana capacity to counterspell anything that targets him, so it means they took 4 damage and wasted a killspell. This guys is excellent.
Posted By: AColonyOfAnts (3/9/2011 6:40:34 AM)


He only has 1 toughness.
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/3/2013 3:43:23 PM)


Haakon, Stromgald Scourge. Might even be better than greater shroud.
Posted By: Tynansdtm (2/5/2011 10:28:43 PM)


A solid liege, but not one of the stronger ones. His ability isn't really that amazing, and I don't really see him fitting into any deck besides a strict B/R one.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (9/24/2011 7:09:42 PM)


I actually find this to be an exceptionally weak liege.. it more than dies to everything, it dies to everything even 1 damage blocked combat damage.. and if your opponent is already ahead they don't care about losing the 5 life just to bolt it. If they are not ahead then its just a win more card.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (1/14/2010 4:01:12 AM)


Finally, a good reason (for me) to play black/red.
Posted By: Guest1467942152 (11/14/2008 11:54:59 AM)


It's just asking to be killed with it's fantastically low toughness, yet punishes those who follow their instinct. Basically, you're screwed either way.
Posted By: Sooku (8/31/2009 9:04:56 PM)


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