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Life Chisel, Ashnod's Altar, etc
Melira, Sylvok Outcast

Infinite card drawing.
Posted By: endersblade (10/18/2011 1:49:22 PM)


Friends with Snapcaster Mage? Speaking of Innistrad, I guess Past in Flames would be overkill.
Posted By: Gelzo (11/26/2011 6:38:59 PM)


So, what happens when you sacrifice three of these puppies to flashback Dread Return recurring a fourth? Three cards for casting a spell from a graveyard, three persist triggers, drawing one, plus two, plus three cards as they resolve, plus four cards drawn as the returned kelpie enters play. Hello, thirteen card Magical Christmas Land!
Posted By: DacenOctavio (6/22/2012 1:47:54 PM)


Put him in a UB Haakon deck and have fun :D
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (12/19/2009 9:39:50 AM)


@Jasonoro: Actually, casting Skaab Ruinator from the graveyard trigger Kelpie's second ability, but not the first, since Ruinator comes into tha battlefield from the stack, not from the graveyard...

Nice card, goes along with a lot of mechanism like Persist, Unearth, Flashback, Retrace, and any sort of reanimator (of creature, or spells...).

Posted By: leomistico (10/12/2011 2:28:53 AM)


Great card. Draws you cards when
- someone plays an unearth effect
- a permanent comes back into play by persist
- some flashback card gets played from the gy
- some card gets zombified (like with Debtor's Knell

It also got a fine 3/3 body.

Have it in a deck with Power Conduit, which let's me remove the -1/-1 counters after persist and turns them into +1/+1 counters. The Kelpi is especially great with Puppeteer Clique, since it draws you a card when the clique persists, as well as when the clique zombifies a creature.
Posted By: majinara (2/6/2009 9:57:25 AM)


Imagine River Kelpie with 3Green or BlueGreen or Blue.
It's really a pity this didn't became a hybrid colored blue/green creature as the two Kelpies from Eventide, given that card advantage is part of green's color pie as well, especially when the graveyard is involved.

Anyways, this beast still has great uses as already nicely depicted by majinara. Aside from persist creatures splashing black will give you a broad choice of reanimator cards. Creatures which have an inherent reanimation effect are especially useful. Unearth for instance is a handy effect. I had also some fun using it with Myr Servitors and for instance.
Ichorid, Nether Traitor, Nether Shadow, Order of Whiteclay/autoca... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (10/29/2009 8:11:52 PM)


One day this will be the thing that breaks grave-based decks and makes them crazy.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/20/2011 10:48:11 AM)


Fun Fact: There is no way to trigger both abilities at once. Deal with it.

I love this guy, but he's so weird to use. I also wish the Kelpies looked a little better (why not just make them Selkies; they was sexy)
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (1/17/2012 6:23:48 PM)


Unearth triggers the first ability, but not the second
Casting a card with flashback (like cabal therapy) from your graveyard triggers the second, but not the first.
Casting skaab ruinator from your graveyard would trigger both.
Posted By: Jasonoro (9/16/2011 8:18:40 PM)