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@scumbling1: no, it's not win-more... "If your opponent isn't casting spells, it is very likely that they're losing.": who told you that?
It's actually an anti-permission card. If your opponent plays permission deck, then he would be quite often in draw-go mode, so would take 2 damages from this card every turn. This card is a sideboard against that deck...

I like very much red cards that forces players to some action that actually ends in some lose-lose situations, like Antagonism, Fumiko the Lowblood, Citadel of Pain/Stoneshaker Shaman, Grand Melee, Heat of Battle (Battle Strain), War's Toll...

This + Forced Fruition = brain explosion...

Posted By: leomistico (7/3/2011 6:55:34 AM)


With the double-sided werewolf mechanic in Innistrad coming out soon, this would be good tech against them. since a common trigger for transformation is no spells being played. Use this card to punish them for transforming their werewolves.
Posted By: jsttu (9/5/2011 8:45:10 PM)


Orim's Chant and Isochron Scepter--but that doesn't really need any help.
Posted By: rubber (9/6/2009 7:52:27 AM)


Werewolves will definitely hate this
Posted By: Ezuna (10/21/2011 11:53:37 AM)


fun with werewolves
Posted By: penguinmage25 (11/11/2011 2:00:51 PM)