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Donovan, it's the fact that it requires so much to set up that draws people to this card. Druids, like the other less popular tribes of Lorwyn (Archers for example), are there to be played by Johnnys. I personally love druids, and with the amount of mana ramp a mono green deck can get going, you be dropping four or five little druids a turn, keeping your hand topped up and creating great board presence. As has been said, you can 'force-tap' your druids for the steal effect, so summoning sickness isn't an issue - the archdruid plus the four or five creatures you just summoned, plus whatever you had out previously, and you've got yourself a huge amount of mana to drop into finishers; my personal favourites being Howl of the Night Pack or Jolrael, Empress of Beasts.
Posted By: Morgrath (10/5/2009 11:25:55 AM)


Very nice, use with early-game mana accelerator-druids, like Heritage Druid, Devoted Druid, and Llanowar Elves for best results. Tap em for mana, then tap em to take lands. Use some basics, Terramorphic Expanse, and Kodama's Reach to thin your deck out beautifully, allowing you to get trumps/druids every turn, and play them w/ this guy on the field, and top your hand off again to get more druids and more fodder for your Heritage Druid, so's you can play them druids you're drawing. Include some Elvish Archdruids to pump your weenie druids for some cursory defenses, then maim face with Howl of the Night Pack, Jolrael, Empress of Beasts, or, my personal favorite, Overrun with masses of elves.
Posted By: Gwafa_Hazid (1/9/2010 11:13:15 PM)


Posted By: adam_b (3/22/2010 6:47:58 PM)


This is absolutely too good in my druid deck, its the card that lets me play solitaire, the more on the field, the better and on the next turn after i have soooo huge amounts of druids, i just drop coat of arms and strike with at least 15 15/15 druids.
Posted By: Qazior (11/7/2009 3:48:50 AM)


plus in large multiplayer, all you need is to give it shroud with shielding plax and try to wipe someone you think has a board wiper
Posted By: Omenchild (12/30/2009 10:53:13 PM)


Idea of stealing away all of your oponent's lands and then throwing them back at him with Jolrael, Empress of Beasts or Natural Affinity is extremely lulzy.

I am a bit concerned about the "throw-archdruid-in-and-steal-all-the-lands-immediately" tactic, as it will leave you exposed to the opponent. If he has quick deck, that could be quite painful (as you may be already injured at the time).
Posted By: skew (1/23/2010 3:07:12 PM)


I'm thinking Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, Joiner Adept, and this guy...maybe Seedborn Muse, Murkfiend Liege, or Quest for Renewal to make it more thorough in multiplayer...
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (2/8/2010 10:19:30 AM)


People seem to be worried about removal, so how about putting some arbor elfs, llanowar elves, and the archdruid in the deck, then when Nissa gets her ultimate off, you immediately steal your opponent's lands.
Posted By: Kenji18 (3/22/2010 5:38:55 PM)


You forget most elves in standard are also druids. Plus, when you get this out ~3rd turn, the elf combo deck has a second engine in addition to Glimpse of Nature.
Posted By: zk3 (4/18/2010 6:17:15 PM)


I love this card. He is the key draw engine in my elf deck and wins games hard core.
LLanowar Elves
Elvish Harbinger
Arbor Elf
Priest of Titania
Heritage Druid
Fyndhorn Elves
Elvish Archdruid
Birchlore Rangers
I Dump my deck turn three after playing him turn two. Then its on towards stealing their lands, entering and exiting the battle phase to get rid of floating mana and Banefire.
All while running only six lands.

Gilt-Leaf Archdruid is a cool guy. He steals lands don't afraid of anything.
Posted By: bezerker (12/16/2010 5:45:11 PM)