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this is a pretty sweet deck, combine this in a cloud deck or blue/white with Meddling Mage and Pithing Needle
Posted By: Alicanto (8/9/2009 5:46:58 PM)


Yes, you can cast this creature when no enchantments are in play. However, since the effect is not optional (i.e. does not read 'may'), if only one enchantment is in play, it will be targeted and destroyed regardless of who controls it. In short, if you are the only player with enchantments in play, casting this creature will destroy one of your own permanents.

Keep in mind that Cloudchaser Kestrel is the obvious, stronger choice only in mono-White, due to its heavier White requirement (WW instead of W). The Kestrel could still be the better option in a particular non-mono-White deck, but this may not be so obvious.
Posted By: tezcat (10/7/2009 12:51:19 PM)


Cloudchaser Kestrel is the stronger choice.
Posted By: mrredhatter (10/3/2009 8:22:11 AM)


can you play this creature when there are no enchantments in play?
Posted By: Sacrier (9/8/2009 4:44:24 PM)


@ Ailcanto: You forgot Enchanted Evening man.
Posted By: Zetto1995 (6/13/2012 12:53:48 PM)


My very first flyer... My starter deck had only vanilla creatures, and I pulled this guy out of my first booster.
Posted By: kazenpaus (3/19/2013 6:16:28 PM)


Check out the majestic art this had in Tempest. This is a solid "187" creature that kills something as it enters the battlefield, while still having a 2/2 flying body after its effect is used. This can deal with things like Oblivion Ring and Pestilence while not being useless on the field.
Posted By: Equinox523 (7/6/2013 8:09:36 PM)


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