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I love scarecrows. The thing is that most of them are just bad. Had the cycle of "painted" scarecrows (ones with conditional abilitys based on what colors you have out) had just a little bit of a power boost scarecrow tribal woulda been good. They have nice curve and work very well with their lord. As it is Reaper King is a great changling/xenograft/consperacy deck add and his tribe lies forgotten. It is sad.
Posted By: Stinga (4/6/2012 9:03:20 PM)


The only reason I can see to play this is in a reaper king deck, where it on the one hand serves as ammunition, and on the other, even more important, can give the reaper king persist (which he will need since any player will try to kill him asap).
For those purposes the thing ain't bad. Or, alternatively, if you can paint your scarecrows white, this thing is nice as well with reaper king, since the scarecrows that persist back to play will trigger the reaper king a second time.
Posted By: majinara (11/30/2009 5:34:43 AM)


A lot of these cards (the Skulkins) look a lot better with the Reaper King, so I'm going to rate this based entirely on working with him. A 3/3 for 5 is pretty bad, but he can give persist. That...isn't that great. 2.5/5
Posted By: Elysiume (7/1/2009 1:52:22 PM)


Five is far to high of a cmc. Now if it had been three mana then it would be acceptable.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (7/19/2009 8:52:26 PM)


use it in my reaper king deck scuttlemutts color my creatures persist bounces them and bombs a permanent works wonders with the sac draw a card ability on scarecrone
Posted By: Drfaustmd (1/5/2011 9:49:55 AM)


Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (5/22/2011 1:19:42 PM)


combine with undying for immortal creatures...
Posted By: BastianQoU (2/15/2012 4:58:25 PM)


Think Allies, have this, ansnods alter and allies with their whenever an ally comes into play put a -1/-1 on this guy, and two of the white one with defender
give white ally one persist by paying two
sac white ally one for 2 mana
comes into play triggers all allies abilities
give white ally two persist
Sac white ally two for 2
comes into play triggers all allies abilities
rinse repeat, keep in mind that this can be done as a combat trick
in short (2):trigger all allies
Posted By: be-ash (3/20/2012 10:57:55 AM)


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