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For Etherium Sculptor it would be free if I read the rulling on the Etherium Sculptor right "This effect doesn't change the mana cost or converted mana cost of an artifact spell. Rather, it reduces the total cost of the spell, which is the amount you actually pay while playing it. The total cost takes into account additional or alternative costs." Says it right there.. last two words.. "alternative costs"
Posted By: Murr (6/1/2009 12:56:44 AM)


It is awesome with Etherium Sculptor. It looses it drawback of coming into play tapped.
Well, it still does comes into play tapped, but you can play it for free. For instance you have an island in play and a plain and a boarderpost on your hand. You can play the plain, put down a two drop and then play the boarderpost returning a land.

It even gets better. With Amulet of Vigor it like playing an additional land per turn.

Very playable with Master of Etherium.

A good card. :-)
Posted By: Urbar (2/4/2010 9:14:55 AM)


Good colour accelerator.
Posted By: runawaysoul (4/28/2009 8:36:25 AM)


For Etherium Sculptor, I'd guess that it...would allow you to get it for free if you send back a basic land? Not entirely sure.
Posted By: Elysiume (5/13/2009 1:37:20 PM)


slow? it is a turn 1 drop, provided you use basic lands, this is a dual land for crying out loud
Posted By: Dingo777 (5/3/2009 10:22:24 PM)


How does this work with etherium sculptor?
Posted By: drow_swordmaster (5/6/2009 1:26:48 PM)


just seems too slow
Posted By: Stoo (4/27/2009 8:10:36 AM)


This is a really well-made cycle. They play just like dual lands, but are colored artifacts. There's also the marginal benefit of bouncing a land with a detrimental aura on it (such as Spreading Seas).
Posted By: Vinifera7 (5/29/2011 5:55:42 AM)


Mid-game mana ramp of an early dual land. Love this cycle.
Posted By: Annoyingblueplayer (8/7/2011 11:58:29 AM)


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