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Drjones, you've obviously never seen Sorrow's Path.

The uses for this card are indeed EXTREMELY limited. It was just always one of my favorites for artwork, though; I ran it in a couple of decks purely for the cool factor lol.
Posted By: endersblade (7/2/2011 4:21:17 PM)


This card has it's uses in EDH, though not very good uses.... the one that comes to mind off the top of my head because I just got back from EDH tonight was when someone played Contamination and no one else was running black, so all of their lands tapped for colorless. This and cards like this would of helped out greatly because the black deck had a lock on everyone till they had artifacts that produced colored mana.
Posted By: MTGFreak (8/26/2011 2:03:22 AM)


...or you could just put more islands in your deck.
Posted By: finulanu (11/4/2011 8:51:36 AM)


Horrible. Yeah, okay, there are some off-the-wall cases where it could work, but it has no surprise factor and since it costs U to activate, it won't even help you out of a total mana-hose. If it let your lands produce U in addition to their normal type, that would have at least been mildly amusing, but even that won't work. Ugh. Just use more Islands!
Posted By: Radagast (11/4/2011 8:02:52 PM)


For history's sake, someone should mention that the original use for this was getting the Urzatron land trio to produce BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue.
Posted By: Salient (10/2/2013 5:04:12 PM)


I suppose that this would be usefull in 'Tron, but if you can already pay the double blue to play this, odds are that you don't need it...but then again, it would fix any and all blue source problems.

Best in casual games.
Posted By: StuartHamilton (1/11/2010 11:52:20 AM)


Good in like Arcum Dagson EDH. Lets your cloudposts, tron, city of traitors, etc... produce blue. Overall its still pretty worthless there too. Unless your making a set based on Jaws...or pirates?
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (2/26/2010 4:42:53 PM)


Here's why this card is useful: You're playing blue/artifact. You have a few islands and a few urza lands, and deep water out. You have a counterspell in your hand and your opponent knows/guesses it, but he is an idiot. He sees deep water and thinks "LOL redundant enchantment is redundant ROFLMAO." You tap all your islands to cast something cool, and your opponent thinks you're tapped out and can't counterspell. BAM! Deep water to the rescue.
Posted By: MarlinFlake (2/12/2011 8:44:09 AM)


Redundant enchantment is redundant.
Posted By: Tiggurix (6/5/2010 8:00:47 AM)


This is my personal pick for the worst card in Magic.
Posted By: DrJones (5/8/2011 4:02:50 PM)