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I prefer Hymn To Tourach, but there's nothing wrong with running both. And by 'Nothing wrong', I mean 'Something horribly wrong''.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (3/7/2013 11:21:34 PM)


I used to have friends and a vibrant social life. Then I put Blightning in all my decks. Now no one will speak to me, acknowledge that they once knew me, or look in my direction.

But I won a few more games, so the tradeoff was worth it, I think.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (3/29/2011 10:58:32 PM)


This card is just incredible. A Lava Spike and a Mind Rot smashed together... and it costs 1 less than the two spells combined! Of course, that doesn't matter when you cascade into it, but that just makes it even better. 5.5/5
Posted By: Continue (12/31/2012 9:04:53 PM)


"While the smell of burning flesh is COMMON in Grixis, the odor of smoldering brain matter is a RARE treat."

Blightning: Common
Posted By: MisterAction (6/8/2012 4:31:34 PM)


Don't complain about it being common, be grateful. Widely useful cards should be common. More specialized cards should be uncommon.
Posted By: Nathreet (3/3/2011 12:03:42 PM)


It's interesting how much better 3 damage makes this look than Mind Rot. That said, this guy is more of a modern and casual treat (as well as a block terror) and less of an excellent card.

I realize that sounds harsh but I'd point to how many legacy/vintage deck slots can afford to be allocated to it. I imagine this has to do with being mediocre late game and being unable to affect board position; making it a bad top-deck mid-late game and making it hurt your own tempo/board position early game; despite being damage + card advantage.

That said, I may still attempt a 2-of of it.

I hope they eventually make a version of it that can hit creatures or players, but make it {B}{B}{R}; heck, {B}{B}{R}{1} may still be worth that card.
Posted By: blurrymadness (4/12/2013 8:28:36 AM)


I think this card was so good because of cascade. Its already a hyper efficient spell, and because of the 3 CMC, you almost always got this out for free.

Also another thing that broke cascade. If you Bloodbraid into this, literally both parts of the cascade are worth spending a counter on. So basically cascade is also extremely resistant to counters. I think if they would have made the chain vulnerable to one single target counter, it would have balanced it out more.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (2/6/2013 2:31:06 PM)


Mind Rot is the same Converted Mana cost with Blightning only being more specific so it has to be at least a little better. Also Blightning isn't a "stupid pun" it's a clever and badass name. Regardless of any of that it's a good card without being too powerful.
Posted By: BrutalJim (7/16/2009 11:48:26 PM)


No, discarding does NOT count as "damage." Consider the Basking Rootwalla. It has a Madness cost of 0, which means if you discard it, you can play it directly for no mana cost . . . and no rule I have ever seen equates the drawing or discarding of cards with damage . . .
Posted By: bigdave0908 (12/14/2009 12:30:16 PM)


Mind Rot plus Lightning Bolt to your opponent, yet at a casting cost of 1BlackRed? Yes, please!
Posted By: Mode (8/10/2009 4:55:50 AM)


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