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nasty when i make him fly with Elspeth, Knight-Errant and i have Rafiq of the Many on the battlefield. i agree with some of the previous comments. he is a bomb in limited indeed. this rhino can turn the game around.
Posted By: nineyears (12/16/2009 4:13:39 PM)


Your Exalted beatstick if flying isn't your thing. Hits harder than Aven Squire, tears a lot of blockers apart. Simple card, 3/3 with two abilities for 4 is pretty good too.
Posted By: Schwazzam (12/29/2010 11:54:04 PM)


Trample is Exalted's best friend. Nothing sucks as much as being chumped like most creatures are, so attaching these effects onto a trampler?
I mean, how many people can deal with potentially a 7/7 Trampler on turn five?
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/21/2012 10:02:16 AM)


A 4 cost 3/3 with trample is actually an alright deal especially coupled with exalted. I like to imagine dropping this 4th turn and then a 2nd one on 5th turn, giant growthing the original and then attacking with an 8/8 trampler. A green card with exalted just brings out the timmy in me considering green specializes in attacking with large tramplers.
Posted By: AgesofThunder (11/5/2009 10:04:02 PM)


A bomb in limited, and a solid uncommon overall
Posted By: dagonaire (12/1/2008 7:21:18 PM)


bomb in limited. not much outside of alara block. 2.5/5. not 4/5.
4/5= bomb in type 2.
Posted By: ultratog1028 (7/28/2009 11:36:47 AM)


Posted By: Ixidors_Heir (4/4/2009 5:58:48 PM)


A Hill Giant with two upsides is just the right number to make it playable.
Posted By: Opined_Fluke (7/21/2013 4:42:41 PM)


if you're doing Bant Exalted, this guy and Jhessian Infiltrator should be your BFFs forever
Posted By: PurpGuy (9/30/2013 12:33:39 PM)


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