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If they had tacked a counter spell onto it, it would be the least casual friendly card ever. Because what do people hate to play against more than LD and Discard?
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/26/2009 11:32:10 AM)


I can't even state how awesome this will be on a B/R deck.... wait 5 mana???.... thinking....
Posted By: DarkTowerEX (9/25/2009 12:27:23 PM)


Um, "earth" isn't so much a name here as it is a... um, object. You know, like dirt. Dirt. Earth. Ground. Etcetera.
Posted By: littlebeast (3/5/2010 6:08:00 PM)


The perfect answer to all of the powerful lands in this set.
Posted By: RobinHood3000 (9/29/2009 6:56:04 AM)


Except on Glimmervoid Basin the copies would target your own lands as well. So you'd lose your hand and mana, just like your opponents.

One time, late in a game, I cast Recollect on the Glimmervoid Basin. That was awesome.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/2/2010 12:31:11 AM)


@ZEvilMustache Steel Overseers
Posted By: PhantomDust (11/21/2011 4:31:02 PM)


Unfortunately the cost is kind of high, but I don't really know if I'de call it overpriced. I mean you're 2-for-1'ing them assuming they have a card left to discard. Running this as a 2 or 3-of might not be such a bad idea depending on how prevalent the rare lands like Emeria, Magosi, Oran-Rief or Valakut turn out to be.
Posted By: MightyMortox (10/3/2009 2:12:14 AM)


The only land-destro in standard.
I think it should have been 4cc, however they want it split. Preferably 2BB or 3B, but I might pay 1BBB for it.
Posted By: C_h_o_z_o (1/19/2010 3:36:40 PM)


5 seems to be pretty standard for common card advantage that affects more than one zone other than life.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (11/30/2010 9:38:57 PM)


If you get Chandra, The Firebrand out first, her -2 makes a nasty two-land busting, two-cards discarding sucker punch. Sounds like an idea for a janky B/R land-destrution deck to me :D
Posted By: Splizer (7/29/2011 4:11:34 PM)