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Oh no! You are going to bolt my creature? I will eat him before your lightning strikes!
Posted By: yonnystarr (3/10/2011 9:56:58 PM)


It's Gluttonous because it eats things as though it can't consume them fast enough. Thus the flash. It can show up out of nowhere at any time and just eat a whole bunch of creatures.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (8/19/2011 12:32:01 AM)


This is a nice reactive creature, instant saccer against PtE type effects.
Posted By: RyanFisher (11/22/2009 12:56:20 AM)


wow, cast a spell that destroys everybodys creatures like pyroclasm or mutliate then devour yours as they die
Posted By: Sir_Kaeru (5/22/2010 1:10:00 AM)


Unfortunately this is a bad card for Anti Wrath. Because of timing issues, I wonder if it would be possible to use this mechanic for a viable answer to Wrath of Bob.

As for spot removal, this is not that good of an answer. Why? Well I feel a 3/3 flash for 3 would be appropriately costed on its own. Look at Ashcoat Bear and Wolfir Avenger.

For a surprise blocker, well this can trade and eat something you wanted eated anyways, such as Black Cat, so not to bad of a play.

For a surprise attacker, this is the strongest role I think. At the end of their turn sacrifice your board for a massive attacker next turn. Though it only has devour 1, so would only be viable if you have a bunch of 0/1 creatures.

2.5/5, filler card which is situational useful but there is better.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (6/26/2013 7:59:57 AM)


Unfortunately for you, it is not possible to have a token block, cast Gluttonous Slime, devour the blocking token, then have Gluttonous Slime block.

In actuality, you can do everything except for the last part. When blockers are declared, it is done all at once and is not part of the stack. Then the active player gets priority. You don't get a chance to declare blockers again.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (7/26/2009 2:05:22 PM)


I like this card. Like every other Devour card, it belongs in a token deck, where it has plenty of Saprolings and Elves to munch on.
Posted By: Owls_and_More_Owls (8/27/2009 1:39:22 PM)


Sadly, he lost almost everything that made him good in the M10 rules change.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (1/13/2010 12:55:14 PM)


@zk3: If you find a way to make it indescrutible, yes. Otherwise, it'll just die to Wrath.
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (1/28/2011 3:46:01 PM)


I don't understand how it's "gluttonous". It could be "Lightning Slime" or "Super Speedy Slime" or something.
Posted By: BegleOne (6/15/2011 3:58:54 PM)


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