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Don't forget that it's also a Warrior. Obsidian Battle-Axe, anyone?
Posted By: True_Mumin (10/29/2009 8:24:07 PM)


Love that flavor text.
Posted By: divine_exodus (4/22/2011 3:12:23 PM)


Knight of New Alara and Colossal Might combo particularly well with this card.
Posted By: CharonSquared (6/24/2010 3:21:29 PM)


@Donovan- Ive gotten this out multiple of times with mageslayar and Behemoth Sledge. Plus the creature is more vulernable to removeal then beheomoth sledge. You ever seen a 4/6 TRIPLESTRIKE trample and lifelink? People concede vs this card more then when i get out thorcat. Plus u cant Smother this cat like u can with thorcat.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (6/12/2010 2:51:17 PM)


If you're not concerned with burn, Sangrite Backlash offers a huge boon.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/26/2011 12:12:41 AM)


@Test-Subject_217601 This card wouldn't be in the current deck i have that it is in if this were a 3/1. Countless times have my casual play opponents always raged at that 4 toughness. I have a good number of pump spells in my Green/Red deck that surface to add to her power. This thing is perfect as it is in my opinion and its only an uncommon!
Posted By: Boakes2047 (7/14/2011 7:01:48 PM)


Give the kittys a Scourge of the Nobilis. 4/6, double strike, firebreathing, lifelink. Even better if you have a Bramblewood Paragon and an Obsidian Battle-Axe in play. Comes into play a 5/6 doublestriking, trampling, hasted cat warrior, becomes a 7/8 doublestriking, firebreathing, trampling, lifelinking vicious kitty.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/6/2010 5:12:05 AM)


I love this cat, it reminds me of hearthfire hobgoblin but with enough toughness for double strike to be relevant in creature fights. For added face smashing, staple a colossal might on this guy...fun!
Posted By: dgregory (4/27/2009 10:11:02 AM)


Ah.... Loxodon Warhammer's new best friend...
5/4 double strike trample lifelink anyone?
Posted By: Dark_Raider (8/14/2009 7:50:40 AM)


first strike is always annoying on creatures with low power high toughness, double strike even more so. that being said the flavor of these two kittys is kind of cool.
Posted By: davidhuman (4/27/2009 1:47:07 PM)


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