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I like that this + Flight spellbomb enable some {G}/{U} decks that hate on flyers rather hard.
Posted By: SeiberTross (4/7/2011 8:31:11 PM)


Student of Elements. Enjoy your free infinite flying armada.
Posted By: DysprosiumJudas (4/25/2011 2:18:39 AM)


This wins games.

Green and red stall on the ground pretty well, there's enough good ground defenses in common to keep all your 4/4 beasts and whatnot at bay, this little beauty just lets them fly on over.
Way late in the game watch it combo with Oran-Rief Recluse.

A lot less important if your second color is black or white though, but even there I'd keep it if just for the fact it's a 1 drop with a fairly useful ability.
Posted By: Gilgiga (10/2/2009 2:03:14 PM)


i tried out this card in sealed, i never got to use it. the tempo of most sealed decks forced me to put out creatures instead of suing mana to make some of them unblockable. plus, you have one less blocker, making two creatures tapped for their next attack. idk about you, but in limited, two tapped creatures can make a difference, especially now with all the cheap(ish) +2/+2 landfall creatures. if one gets through, it could be trouble.
Posted By: SwordsToPlowshares (9/30/2009 7:34:57 AM)


Handy little card. Not much to say about it, really, but it's always cool to give a creature Flying.
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (12/10/2009 10:13:15 AM)


Nice little {U} costing blocker like Kraken Hatchling plus it gives flying, to be used to either atack or block. I find myself using this more as a blocker or to give flying to a blocker. It is an okay card but I wish it didn't tap itself.
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (2/11/2010 6:32:05 PM)


I much prefer wind dancer in almost every deck except a merfolk deck. In a merfolk deck I'd just play Manta Riders
Posted By: Shoe2 (1/27/2012 1:52:17 PM)


Flying is always good
Posted By: Slavir (9/28/2009 10:06:27 PM)


It can use view from above whenever you want, though you have to tap it.
Posted By: GoGo26 (10/11/2009 4:40:41 AM)


and its a one drop merfolk
Posted By: Tezz (4/27/2010 7:49:47 AM)