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Get a Soldevi Adnate instead....
Posted By: donjohnson (12/3/2009 9:22:16 PM)


dfeyder isn't TOO far off though- I like the idea of putting this, Culling the Weak, and Dark Ritual all in the same deck. No, you can't quite 'chain' them together, but just in general putting lots of mana producers in the deck could produce something nice-looking :)

You would want to target something else with Culling, though..
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/27/2012 1:31:54 PM)


@dfeyder - Not really, Culling the Weak is a decent card, but you can't sacrifice this thrull for it's ability and for Culling the Weak, so it's still BlackBlackBlackBlack. Honestly, killing off an Ornithopter, Kobolds of Kher Keep, or any power =1 creature while Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker is on the board would be better.

@donjohnson - Soldevi Adnate is definately a decent card, but they serve two different purposes. This guy is more like a one time "free" boost of mana. It and Blood Pet are good for setting up something in the mid game. Soldevi Adnate is more for the later game and casting big spells like, Consume Spirit. Though, I do prefer that Soldevi Adnate can turn a Darksteel Colossus (that I hopefully Master Transmutered in) into 11 Black mana.
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (9/8/2010 2:24:02 AM)


Dies to Murder
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/2/2012 11:28:05 AM)


This is not the best example of the black theme of sacrificing creatures for black mana, nor is it the worst. It certainly compares with Blood Pet and is better than Blood Vassal. Don't forget to check out Priest of Yawgmoth which is the granddaddy of black mana producing sacrifices. And although Cull the Weak is very cool, good ol' overprinted Sacrifice is quintessence on the theme.
Posted By: Mr_Hendry (4/16/2012 3:57:03 PM)


thrull+ culling the weak is win.
Posted By: dfeyder (11/16/2009 11:19:10 AM)