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This is a pretty good card. Turn one island. Turn two sack island and play this then play your sage owl. So playing this dosn't slow you down and that look at your top card never hurts.
Posted By: Ace8792 (1/16/2010 3:55:45 PM)


Great card - library manipulation that you can use whenever you've got spare mana. Great mid & late game, when you don't want any lands or if you're looking for specific cards.
Posted By: Fabercastel (4/18/2010 1:53:24 PM)


Wow, this is one of the coolest lands I've ever seen! Not necessarily the best, but still pretty good...but it definitely doesn't slow you down, unless you need to play something that costs UU, like Plated Seastrider on turn 2 or something, but library manipulation is awesome. I think that this is a really cool concept!
Posted By: Superllama12 (1/28/2011 6:54:11 PM)


Has great synergy with Knight of the Reliquary!
Posted By: Shadoflaam (5/29/2011 2:28:01 PM)


This combos ridiculously well with Counterbalance, and both cards are in the Ice Age block.

Great card for going through your deck when you're looking for a specific card or subset of cards (e.g. "no I don't need any more land"). It's not as effective as something like Bazaar of Baghdad, but it'll still do the job quite well.

One of my favorite lands out of this cycle, the other two being Lake of the Dead and Kjeldoran Outpost. Heart of Yavimaya and Balduvian Trading Post aren't bad exactly, but they don't quite have the same combo potential.

@Watchingwolf51: I don't truly understand why WotC decides some mechanics should all be keyworded (deathtouch) and some shouldn't (lifelink), but I guess they're worried about interactions with some as-yet unprinted card that might relate to Scrying. Really, I don't see what the worry is, because more often than not s... (see all)
Posted By: yyukichigai (8/3/2011 10:14:52 PM)


In the Alliances period Wizards was very, very nervous about letting us play with lands that tap for multiple mana, so we got... stuff like this. At least it's interesting, give it that much.

You'd think a land with repeatable Scry 1 would be worth the cost of a sacrifice, but it's effectively a repeatable "scry 1" effect for 1BlueBlue -- Blue you could've drawn from the island you sacrificed, the 1 you're using to help pay Soldevi Excavation's cost, and the Blue you could've gotten by running and playing another Island instead of Soldevi Excavations. (Or you could be tapping that Island and the Island you sacrificed for BlueBlue, which beat's Excavations' 1Blue.) And worst of all, at the time, there was really no way to recover your Island from the graveyard (burning a Regrowth for that would be silly, and not many decks ran GreenBlue in the first place).

Still, it's a fun card, especially when Life from the Loam or some such thing mitigates the... (see all)
Posted By: Salient (1/25/2012 2:01:28 PM)


Wow, it does not come into play tapped, and can tap for 1Blue. Also has a neat scry effect stapled on.

Essentially it could remove the sacrifice clause and have it tap for 1, and it would be nearly equivalent. But this way you have to play with islands at least.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/18/2012 5:06:47 PM)


@watchingwolf51; because Scry is a keyword. they could print something that said "whenever a player scries" so of course this wouldn't work with that.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/24/2010 6:37:13 PM)


why hasnt this been errata'd to scry 1?
Posted By: Watchingwolf51 (7/16/2010 7:21:42 AM)


Considering it dosent come into play tapped, you lose no land advantage, the only time I could not see running this outside of almost any blue deck would be when its splashed with blue and not primarily blue.

easy 4/5
Posted By: acemanner (9/25/2011 10:52:09 PM)


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