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This is what black is all about. Extremely powerful if used right, but also risky.
Posted By: TokenMaster (3/6/2010 11:10:58 PM)


Looked at it, and I get it now. This card rocks. Who cares what is removed from the game when youre fishing out your win condition.
Posted By: Gilgamesh3000 (8/30/2009 8:21:54 PM)


Of course it is. Especially since you SHOULD be running a deck with multiple copies of each card (the best decks are the simple ones), it shouldn't remove that much.
Posted By: UltimaCenturion (8/30/2009 7:15:57 PM)


Even if you removed nearly all of your library, this card still gives you a combo piece for one mana. It doesn't even require life loss. Five stars from me.
Posted By: GoblinNaysayer93 (8/6/2010 10:32:55 PM)


Ultimate desperation move: exile your entire library by naming a card you don't have, then play a Beacon (preferably Beacon of Destruction or Beacon of Unrest). Since it's the only card in your library, you'll draw and play it every subsequent turn.

It's like a bootleg epic spell, only you'll lose immediately if anyone has a counterspell, or milling, or targeted draw.

...or Howling Mine. Or land destruction. Or instant-speed discallright that's a terrible idea.
Posted By: MisterAction (4/2/2012 3:27:53 AM)


I'm guessing with Sensei's top you can avoid having to facepalm when four copies of the card you want show up in the first six that don't count.
As for the rulings, Hive Mind could be funnay
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/11/2010 12:39:15 AM)


The risk is not to high. You find your game winning combo piece for one mana. Almost says "Win the game".
Posted By: faisjdas (9/15/2010 7:00:30 PM)


And to think they tried to fix it with Spoils of the Vault. Which is still fairly broken when the player is competent in using it.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (2/1/2011 12:45:53 AM)


Who cares about how many cards are in your library when you get what you need? Not to mention the chances of exiling all four copies of the card you're looking for (assuming its that important of a combo piece) is highly unlikely. Of course it is still a high risk, high reward card. If you just want a dirty, easy to use tutor go with Demonic Tutor. If you want that encapsules the flavour of {B}, costs {1} less, and can be cast at the end of your opponents turn thanks to its instant speed, consult the demons!
Posted By: tcollins (6/27/2011 7:32:05 AM)


Sweet tutor
Posted By: Lueseto (11/4/2011 7:05:43 PM)


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