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Honestly, this card would be much more effective if they would just turn the cannon around...
Posted By: Sile (1/12/2010 8:33:56 AM)


Orcish Cannonade, Orcish Artillery, Goblin Artillery, and this card.

Sensing a little deja-vu here....
Posted By: Leo...Preliator (5/24/2010 4:30:18 PM)


So red has a long running subtheme of cards that can ping at the cost of dealing damage to you. At this point, there's enough of these "artillery" cards in the game to make a silly casual deck. I made that deck. Here it is:

4 basilisk collar
2 coldsteel heart
2 swiftfoot boots

2 deathless angel
4 goblin artillery
4 orcish artillery
3 orcish cannoneers
4 sparksmith
3 stuffy doll

4 pariah
3 personal sanctuary
2 enlightened tutor
1 orcish cannonade

2 vault of the archangel
(more land)

So personal sanctuary and artillery cards certainly have nice synergy as personal sanctuary removes the downside of artillery as long as you use it on your turn. Pariah /autocard... (see all)
Posted By: Gargantula (6/5/2012 1:40:43 PM)


goblin version has a better tribe effect...
Posted By: Buderus (11/5/2012 1:54:35 PM)


You can have more imagination than this people. Add glacial chasm. instill energy. and life link. with all the of the versions of artillery and cannoneers. one cop red for good measure and you actually have a working deck.
Posted By: bckozuszek (3/18/2013 2:52:07 PM)


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