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One of the better health gain cards made in a long time.
Posted By: Lunarblade (5/2/2010 11:36:44 AM)


I once was getting my butt kicked. These bought me time, for a while. :)

Angel's Mercy can eat its heart out.
Posted By: TheSuperbloop (4/27/2010 3:01:36 PM)


Is this actually the most efficient pure lifegain card in the game? I'm having a hard time thinking of any - Heroes' Reunion seems to be the only one that comes close.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/26/2010 12:40:57 PM)


strictly better than sacred nectar
Posted By: Hibron (5/6/2010 8:32:48 AM)


Imprint it on a stick :P with a voltaic key in play... every turn u play a land and have 5 untapped land you gain gain 16 life ...lol!
Posted By: Quadrapodacone (5/3/2010 12:39:15 PM)


put this on an isochron scepter and then use it with cradle of vitality. golden
Posted By: raptorman333 (7/20/2010 1:07:12 PM)


the format is full of lightning bolts in the face 8>3 dammit.
Posted By: thaviel (11/11/2010 12:56:01 AM)


This and the other life gaining spells seem to be an attempt to make Felidar Sovereign and Serra Ascendant into a playable deck type. There may be a point where it becomes playable, and this seems one of the better options so far, but I don't think we're quite there yet.

With Ascendants, 10 life for 2 mana would be overpowered against most decks. It would allow:
First turn ascendant...
Second turn, if no attack by hasted critters or 1-mana direct damage, cast +10 life spell and attack with 6/6 lifelink flyer.
As is, this leaves 2 life that you still need to pick up elsewhere.

Infect is actually uniquely bad against that sort of a lifegain deck since it does nothing to prevent the opponent's ascendants becoming 6/6 lifelink flyers for 1 mana at 30 life or him winning when his life hits 40 and he finds a Felidar.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (12/13/2010 9:47:26 PM)


Great card. Two mana for 8 life, I will take it. And I thought congregate was good...this takes the cake. Though it is debatable depending on the deck and format. Sure, life gain can be futile in certain situations, but 8 life is 8 extra life. And it is a common card to boot. Very good deal.
Posted By: feeble2002 (12/30/2010 11:00:06 PM)


People often say lifegain isn't worth it, but certain cards like kitchen finks and wellwisher have been staples at times. The real issue is that a point of life was overvalued by wizards for a long time and resulted in craptastic cards like sacred nectar. 8 life for the same cost, however, is pretty good and worth running in certain decks or at least in the board against burn decks, etc that aren't prepared to dish out more than the 20 dmg they need.

Also, sacland + this as an instant in response to a 10-storm tendrils of agony would be priceless.
Posted By: hunnsy (2/8/2011 7:12:50 PM)