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Cool, a blue artifical Akroma.
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (1/5/2010 8:28:48 PM)


Dropping these in with a Master Transmuter during your opponents attack phase when they're flying in with a Baneslayer Angel is priceless.
Posted By: Daesik (11/23/2009 12:21:13 AM)


This dodges an impressive amount of removal. It's black, so Doomblade won't work. Go for the Throat? Sorry, it's an artifact. Naturalize? Not today. Burn? Nope. It even dodges Maelstrom Pulse!
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (4/26/2011 4:05:23 PM)


As devastating as this robot is in standard, the real reason this card is amazing is in type 1. This guy is immune to Goblin Welder, is difficult to race, and is difficult to throw speed bumps at. (Because of flying) Thus, it makes an amazing Tinker target.
Posted By: StuartHamilton (2/15/2010 8:32:08 AM)


Awesome Tinker target. Its better than Akroma, Angel of Wraith because its non legendary, Lifelink can't be burned, can't be Doom Bladeed. Combo this with Akroma's Memorial, and laugh uncontrolably ;)
Posted By: Tezzeret1 (6/9/2010 12:53:15 AM)


This is what Mythic should be: An insane, expensive, game-ending force that might not work in standard but nukes EDH and casual. Alara did everything right, why did they go and make Walletslayer Angel, Jace, the Wallet Ra.per, Tezzeret, Agent of MasterCard and Utility Cobra?
Posted By: Shadoflaam (2/27/2011 10:00:07 AM)


This is one of my favorite cards like ever. Clearly the best sphinx out their and has really cool flavor text. The only thing that gets it off the board generally is Path to Exile. If you bounce it master transmuter make sure it comes back quickly and if its sent to the graveyard there are tons of ways to bring artifacts back. Its so superior to Akroma and plus its not legendary.
Posted By: CrispusAllen26 (8/9/2010 9:20:46 PM)


For anyone thinking Progenitus is a good creature to trump this with, think a bit harder on it.

Progenitus is all colors, so Sphinx of the Steel Wind would have protection from it. With that, neither creature could block each other.

However, with lifelink the Sphinx is healing it's controller 6 life each unblocked attack. So with Progenitus and Spinx of the Steel Wind both out and trading unblocked blows, you'll have the Sphinx side doing 6 total damage each set of turns, but the Progenitus side only doing 4 total.

Now assuming that you aren't completely limited to just your respective bruisers in this match, Progenitus does have the advantage of not being able to be blocked by any cheap, damage mitigating fodder, so he has the advantage as long as he has a valid flying or reaching blocker to help limit the damage/lifelink. But toe to toe, I'd have to award victory to the Sphinx.
Posted By: FouCapitan (8/24/2010 9:54:26 PM)


Esper's Baneslayer.
Yeah, I can't see myself ever being able to beat that thing with my colors.
Just have to hope I never run into someone who uses it.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (10/19/2010 12:17:39 PM)


Favorite creature from my favorite tribe.
Posted By: midnightvenom (10/21/2010 7:43:19 AM)


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