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Dealt damage, not dealt combat damage. Goblin Sharpshooter with deathtouch!
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/30/2011 3:25:02 AM)


the mana cost spells almost spells uber.
Posted By: rinoh20 (2/24/2011 7:38:12 PM)


I'm rather suprised nobody criticized the mana cost yet, considering that a double-back card that also requires two further colors is rather a mess to get out, especially on turn four.
Aside from that, it's still an amazing card, an x+3 first striker can beat quite a bunch of creatures unharmed and is therefore likely to put some zombies into play unless your opponent lets him get through.
Posted By: Mode (8/10/2009 7:12:10 AM)


love the artwork, the scythe looks menacing. awsome card, just giving a creature +3/+3 and first strike for only 2 mana is good enough, but the added effect makes it worthy of being mythic rare. i prefer equipping it on Grixis Grimblade or Sedris, the Traitor King.
Posted By: iNathan (7/25/2010 10:44:16 PM)


asuming you can pull this off ever

Oros, the Avenger
Quietus Spike
Unscythe, Killer of Kings
Celestial Mantle
you win
for eternity
Posted By: darkfury (10/1/2009 7:28:52 PM)


Deathbringer throctor, death baron and finally this scythe

insert evil laugh as you wipe your opponents board clear and load the zombies onto yours

@bobth, the combo I am thinking doesnt need a strike though, the way you do it is;

T3 Death Baron
T4 Unscythe
T5 Deathbringer Thoctar
T6 Equip, bone splinter or doom blade, some death card, then open up the machine gun, wipe the board clear and get as many zombies back, turn 7 will be a death swing because unless you opponent drops a pro r or b creature, you can ping it, and take it, the swing with an army of 3/3

and as for the mana, UBBR isnt too bad, not in grixis and with the new dual lands and enemy fetch lands....
Posted By: Dingo777 (10/18/2009 6:08:08 PM)


This and Kederekt Creeper work so well together. They block you get 2 tokens and 2 of their creatures die, or you do 5 damage to them.

The other alara block card I can think of that this works great with is Deathbringer Thoctar.
Posted By: Ellwynd (5/9/2009 9:53:48 PM)


The fluff on this card is a bit backwards. It doesn't seem to be much of a killer of kings, but it does seem to be quite an effective Mook Transfer Machine.
Posted By: BayushiKazemi (10/22/2009 7:11:53 PM)


Attach this to Thraximundar, then play Death Baron. Go crazy with the zombified cheeze-whiz.
Posted By: Rusty-James (12/6/2009 1:52:54 AM)


I would like it to just be 2 colors, but its still great with deathtouch
Posted By: PainfulTears (1/26/2010 11:11:17 AM)