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For those that were saying this card was crap, it made into T1 decks on cascade control.

Since it was printed i was interested on what would zen bring to make this card be able to combo with something.
Posted By: BelloAbril (12/29/2009 10:41:16 AM)


Paint a tunnel on target mountain. Destroy target Coyote. It can't be regenerated.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (6/23/2011 9:11:29 PM)


i love this card in my luminarch/enchantment deck!

it gives me enough time to pull out walls and have angels pooping out from sigil of the empty throne room.

land disruption is key to destroying tri color decks full non-basics (JUND >_>). it wrecks their starting game.
Posted By: driftingsmoke (11/10/2009 2:07:48 PM)


An updated version of Phantasmal Terrain that is has a better casting cost. Decent for mana-screw potential, and can obviously be used to set up land walking combos.

**Updated opinion - After seeing this thing completely hose multi-lands and man-lands in the last couple of tournaments, I've changed my mind. Totally devastating in control formats, or at least incredibly solid.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (5/12/2010 10:57:13 AM)


The fact that you can choose the land type (therefore allowing you to choose a type your opponent doesn't use) means you can use this to mana screw someone early game. It won't fail against decks that use blue like Spreading Seas will. It's probably better at higher levels, too, because then you can use it to hose a Mutavault or one of the new manlands.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (5/13/2010 9:20:06 PM)


The art is quite funny
Posted By: Qazior (7/13/2009 4:38:49 AM)


You guys aren't getting the point... not at all.
Who cares if a 7/11 trample leviathan has landwalk or no... in fact landwalk is out of the question.

What really matters in this card is the early land control it provides with Spreading Seas. It really screws up multi color decks and makes them unplayable (haha take that Jund dorks!)
Second of all it makes for an early start in land demo deck with Demolish and other sweat things.

I think it is a great great card because it locks down the opponent in the early game and makes 90% of their hand unplayable and provides easy cover for your costy land demolishon cards to be played and totally mess them up!
Posted By: Magasul (10/26/2009 12:33:59 AM)


You build a deck with this in mind. It definly isn't a card you just throw in last second. I think its underated.
Posted By: Silverware (10/22/2009 10:08:39 PM)


no please no
Posted By: Iiory (8/4/2009 7:29:24 AM)


Oh look, another "Let's play our Sea Monster" card.
{U} or 'Draw a card.' would have made it more deck worthy.
Posted By: DragonLord132 (8/31/2009 2:47:01 PM)


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