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Hey it comboes with both Doubling Season and Training Grounds!

How many cards can claim that? Uh... probably a lot...
Posted By: sweetgab (6/29/2013 9:15:03 PM)


Ok... not sure what you are talking about savagebrain. This is the fastest token machine in standard my friend. While the ability does require 1G and not just G, it lacks that all-restrictive clause, "tap". Because you can power out several tokens a turn, ant queen is far faster than jund battlemage or whatever. If you think paying G instead of 1G will save you the game, at the cost of 1, and only 1 token per turn (not to mention tapping the token machine, losing the use of that as a creature), by all means see how that goes. Me? I'll drop an ant queen turn 5, and if there is a lack of other spells. I will gladly create 3 1/1 tokens turn 6 while still attacking with my 5/5. 4.5/5
Posted By: Grimn777 (7/29/2009 1:55:56 PM)


This, Citanul Hierophants, Doubling Season and Emblem of the Warmind. Infinite insects.
Posted By: zeyette (3/10/2010 8:47:12 PM)


Nice card. Good with Eldrazi monument.
Posted By: U-caster (12/28/2009 9:45:04 AM)


A perfect design for a 3GG creature.

An enjoyably powerful body at 5/5 that makes it satisfying to drop.
A nice ability - fun but not ridiculously overpowered.
Most importantly, at 3GG it is one of the best cost:power cards they've ever made: not undercosted (like worst-card-ever-made Baneslayer) and not overcosted either.
Posted By: beyond_malachi (12/23/2009 8:32:17 PM)


Mana Echoes, anyone? Esp. since it counts as an insect itself.
Posted By: Ideatog (12/23/2010 2:00:21 PM)


Yeah, but then it's too good. You have five forests, and you have five tokens. Besides, that's what Heartstone's there for.
Posted By: RisingMoon (7/28/2009 2:10:29 PM)


I like the comment of Grimm777, I have been using this card with my "Token Factory" deck and it works just perfect -You just have to get enough mana.
The Ant Queen is almost as good as the Sliver Queen.
Posted By: Shendrag (8/24/2009 10:01:01 PM)


I agree with RisingMoon the cost they gave it is fine, imagine a turn 5 Ant Queen (or sooner with Rampand Growth) and 5 tokens at the end of every turn at least followed by an Overrun.
Posted By: mtgexchange (7/28/2009 2:29:24 PM)


Great, great card! Throw in Doubling Season and Door of Destinies and you're ready for the massive invasion. Of course I use the Door with insects, there's some very good ones out there like Scute Mob.
Posted By: BladeManFX (1/19/2010 1:35:54 AM)