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Massive metal structure?
Oddly innocent look to it despite its imposing stature?
If it does happen to end up dead it slowly pulls itself back together?
Has a crazy evil version that destroys everything in its path?


Come on! You were all thinking it!
Posted By: Reishyn (6/17/2013 9:00:50 AM)


The Immortal Icon himself.
Posted By: Demonic_Math_Tutor (6/20/2013 7:19:21 AM)


@ClockworkSwordfish Only this was used back when it was in standard. After affinity basically got banned out of the meta, Tooth and Nail decks were the way to win. They could put this into play with a Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker fifth turn, and they'd run Duplicant for the mirror match.
Posted By: wyump (5/24/2013 9:52:10 AM)


I once was in a match which was lasting awhile and where my opponent had gained over 100 life, then I imprinted this onto Soul Foundry...

Several turns and 6 of these later...it was over...
Posted By: Judgemaster_Rolan (8/31/2011 11:36:50 AM)


A Magic: the Gathering icon.
Posted By: omniszron (11/30/2009 10:04:26 AM)


Apparently, this one goes to 11.
Posted By: MJ_the_Prophet (11/16/2009 8:05:52 AM)


I like how Wizards has realized that they can print ridiculously amazing creatures like this at high mana costs because no Standard player will touch them; instead, they make casual vastly more fun.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (11/7/2010 12:06:54 PM)


I do not care about or want Blightsteel Colossus. I'm sticking with this beast.
Posted By: JFM2796 (7/25/2011 12:14:23 PM)


I swear, every time I see this guy I hear the "Shadow of the Colossus" battle music in my head.
Posted By: bendhobbit (2/28/2012 8:47:39 PM)


My recipe for a third turn Darksteel Colossus:

Turn 1: Island, say hello
Turn 2: Island, Etherium Sculptor
Turn 3: Island, 2 more Etherium Sculptors, free Thousand-Year Elixir, free Darksteel Ingot (or a similar mana charm), and then Master Transmuter for Blue. Tap the ingot for Blue and activate Transmuter's ability, and trade one of your dudes for this guy.
Turn 4: Dominate.

It requires a godly hand (including going after your opponent for the first draw) and is super fragile, so it's strictly only for casual. But it's really delicious if you can do it. It's also much easier to do by the fourth turn if you have a weaker hand (no elixir, less mana accel, etc.), and frequently its about as good.
Posted By: Totema (3/8/2013 1:33:01 PM)


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