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The one problem I see with this is that is costs 4 mana. (it's a fair price, but only in the right deck)

This means you have to leave 4 mana open hoping they cast a counter-worthy creature on their next turn. If they don't that 4 mana might have been put to better use durring your turn. If you end up using it on a creature just to use the spell and get a 2/2 token, that isn't a good use of 4 mana (that 2/2 is probably only going chump block in most decks).

I can see it's value in a permission deck (all counterspells basically). In a deck like that you are sitting on mana and probably have other options if this spell doesn't work that turn. The other bonus of a creature is quite nice in a deck like this because if your deck has been doing it's job your opponent probably doesn't have any blockers out, then you just keep the board clear and take them down 2 every turn for each of these you've used.

Most decks 2.5/5
Permission decks 4/5
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (3/25/2010 12:04:21 PM)


@mode: It's Mystic Snake not Mythic
Posted By: qwertycrap (7/10/2011 10:38:49 PM)


The "Creatures only" clause is what really kills this card.

I like the idea, though.
Posted By: Kirbster (11/6/2010 2:28:08 PM)


"Hi, my name is Summoner's Bane. I'm basically an Essence Scatter with a bear tacked on for 2 mana. That's why nobody but polymorph deck, plays me . If i need to become much more powerful, i must learn to counter noncreature spells too or just have to produce a 2/2 flying creature"
Posted By: Frozenwings (10/13/2010 11:47:38 AM)


You forget about a huge difference between this and Mythic Snake - this one can only counter creature spells, which restrics the card's use immensively.
The artwork is amazing nonetheless and in an incredible way gets the essence of this card's flavor.
Posted By: Mode (9/26/2009 8:38:43 AM)


Any card that gives card advantage is good (well not any, but they usually are ^^). Throw in the fact that it's a card that can stop a potentially disasterous creature from entering play, and you have a winner. The cost is somewhat high considering Essence Scatter is 1U, but for a 2/2 creature on the field it's worth it, and apart from turn 4 and 5 when you're likely only on that much mana, in most cases on subsequent turns you'll have enough to throw a further Negate/Essence Scatter/Cancel should the need arise.

It's also good in that, due to the fastest creature counters coming in at 2 CMC, your opponent may potentially have a creature on the board already. Most 1 drop creatures aren't going to have more than 2 toughness on their own, so your little 2/2 blue illusion can get put to good use. ^^
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (10/29/2009 12:57:26 PM)


This is pretty much Repel Intruders but with an easier to play cost on full effects and a 2/2 instead of 2 1/1's. BUT you don't get the choice of JUST getting the creature to block with out being FORCED to counter a spell. You DO get that choice with Repel Intruders.
Posted By: Bobmacambob (1/14/2010 3:21:35 AM)


It's a lot worse than Mystic Snake. Mystic Snake was easy to recur/ bounce for future counters. This gives you a shlitty token.
Posted By: Designer_Genes (10/3/2009 10:19:47 AM)


Don't have to splash green for this though. At worst, you get a 2/2 Chumper and a creature never coming into play if you're on defense. At best, it counters something of theirs and puts more pressure if you're winning. Not a bad card.
Posted By: Haatweels (10/4/2009 9:56:27 AM)


I just don't see how this card is good. I'd rather have essence scatter that I can reserve the 2 mana for than this. Plus, it doesn't help in the early game. I'd rather have essence scatter and two sprites than this. Flavor and art are great though. At 1UU I could see this being a decent card, but as is not worth it.
Where's a 2/2 without flying or abilities going to get you these days?
Posted By: coyotemoon722 (12/3/2009 1:49:28 AM)


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