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Sigh, got owned by jace's ingenuity
Posted By: lorendorky (7/21/2010 3:36:30 AM)


I'd rather Mind Spring, could have been better if it read "draw an extra card for each land you've played this turn." It loses it's speed b/c if you needed to cast it on an opponent's turn for 5 mana what can you really draw to save yourself?
Posted By: Khias (1/29/2010 10:22:58 PM)


Yes, don't overlook the fact that it's instant speed. Save your mana for a counterspell, and if it's not required, ping your terramorphic expanse and draw 3 for your next turn.
Posted By: Reins (1/30/2010 11:34:25 PM)


wow, a real skill tester. And apparently a bit of a controversy-stirrer as well!
Mind Spring for5 (3 UU) = 3 cards , at Sorcery speed (your own turn)
Mysteries of the Deep for 5 (4U) = 3 cards (with a landfall), during your turn OR the opponents turn (with landfall via fetchlands, etc)
I often hold up a fetch land, and use it during their turn anyways (especially with Sphinx of Jwar Isle).

The timing advantage is huge - hold your mana up for a counterspell (even just a bluff) and then be able to grab some instant card draw. Using up 5+ mana during your own turn on Mind Spring typically closes the door on counterspell/etc on their turn.
BUT, Mind Spring has the advantage of possibly drawing MORE than 3... late game, a 5+UU or so can really fill your hand nicely.

It's a tough call, but I think it at least gives some options.
Also, I am personally having a hard time swapping out my Mind Springs, simply because they are rare and I traded to get them!
Posted By: PastProphet (2/7/2010 9:41:44 AM)


I thought this card was a solid draw card, if nothing super exciting. It is a nice late-game card feeder, and can work at instant speeds as mentioned.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (5/3/2010 9:36:56 AM)


I know WotC has been trying to figure out the right balance on draw engines, but man, this is bad. 4 CMC for a sorcery-speed draw-3 is standard; adding one to the CMC to make it instant should be all you need to do to properly cost it. But not only did they saddle this with another restriction (needing landfall to make it cost-effective), that extra restriction works directly against the benefit it gets from being an instant – which you've already paid for with the 1 extra mana.

There are several ways to play this card:

1) You get a land; you leave it until you get Mysteries of the Deep and the mana to use it. Then you make your play on your turn, getting 3 cards for 5 mana at sorcery speed (overcost by 1), and you've obliterated your mana curve.

2) You get a fetchland; again, you leave it until you get this card and enough mana to play it. When all that happens, you get 3 cards for 5 mana at instant speed. This sucks a little less than the above, un... (see all)
Posted By: Lyoncet (3/6/2011 2:32:03 PM)


All right! Decent instant-speed card draw! And fetches make its landfall bonus very obtainable, even on your opponent's turn. An entirely solid draw spell.
Posted By: XDaragoX (1/29/2010 11:25:28 AM)


So, is this supposed to be a joke card or something? Like Khias said, I'd much rather use Mind Spring. If this gave you four cards with landfall, then it would have been cool (just switch the cost to 3UU or something). As it is now, it sucks. Simply not worth the effort.
Posted By: True_Mumin (2/2/2010 8:15:10 AM)


mind spring - sorcery, this one is instant
Posted By: Japster (2/6/2010 5:30:16 PM)


Just another crappy blue draw...
Still waiting for Brainstorm, Acumulated knowledge and Fact of Fiction.
Posted By: True_Smog (2/7/2010 10:32:30 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!