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Not bad, although I'd rather have the Guul Draz Vampire and take the evasion. That having been said, combined with his OWN evasion (cough Vampire Nocturnus cough) this guy will pile on damage very quickly.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/30/2010 8:56:45 PM)


I love these annoying little bastards.
Posted By: blindthrall (2/9/2010 10:15:13 PM)


Its a little one {B} 1/1 that pings when it attacks. What more could an Aggro-Vampire deck want?
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (1/29/2010 3:17:38 PM)


For multiplayer vamps, this is better than lacerator. For one-on-one, use the lacerator, or maybe Quag Vampires if your metagame is swamp heavy.
Posted By: sir_dwar (1/30/2010 6:35:16 PM)


It's like a mini Infectious Horror, only a vampire.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/11/2010 9:23:23 PM)


i so want this for my rogue deck ^_^ i just wish its ability triggered prowl
Posted By: wolfv (1/29/2010 4:18:56 PM)


It's not Savannah Lions, but really powerful for a black card of that sort.
Compare him to Maggot Carrier for instance.
This guy is going to deal 2 damage once he attacks.
It might not be able to deal two damage to a single creature, but i'd even consider it to be advantageous to let your opponent lose one life instead since this guy will normally just be blocked by a x/1 creature if you start your first turn with him.
It's still inferior when used for blocking, but Vampires are found in aggro decks, so we don't have to worry that much about this fact anyways.
Posted By: Mode (1/30/2010 10:08:30 AM)


this help me a lot in the prerealease and thank to this i want a vampire deck
Posted By: Layton (2/1/2010 5:41:12 PM)


this is a monster in multiplayer games, especialyl in two headed giant, it attacks and pings for 2 no matter what.
Posted By: FugimSky (2/7/2010 9:24:45 PM)


Put in a bleed deck where you just want to take away your opponent's life, regardless of how it happens...I think this card is great!
Posted By: cspence1010 (3/20/2010 5:29:19 PM)