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Hey, people, don't you underestimate this guy.
See, in a merfolk deck, this guy would be quite nice and useful. Throw Tideshaper Mystic or a Reef Shaman in the first round (as you'd probably want to include them because of all those islandwalkers anyway), then this guy for free in a second round plus any other 2-drop (Lord of Atlantis, if possible). 1/3 flier in second round for free, in a deck with a lack of good fliers ? I believe he deserves more then just 2.5*.
Posted By: skew (2/14/2010 2:22:22 PM)


I smell a great deck with 4 of these and Convincing Mirage.
Posted By: gcilley (1/17/2010 6:57:30 PM)


I always splash a little white and play with 4 of these in my burn decks incase my opponent has a hand full of these guys.
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (10/24/2012 10:44:04 PM)


Right, so after all the hassle to play it for free, all you get is a.... 1/3 ! LMAO cool, you have a useless creature and a 1/3 out by second turn, now how is that any good?
Posted By: LeoKula (6/20/2012 4:03:55 AM)


If this guy was Modern legal, he would definitely be an auto-include in the sideboard of the Merfolk deck I'm designing. Being able to get any creature for free is very strong, ESPECIALLY in a deck that can buff him up very easily. With a few lords out he's a 3/5 with flying for free, which is extremely powerful.

The reason that Aether Vial is so strong in Merfolk decks is because you can play the creatures for free to leave mana up for counterspells and to disrupt your opponents tempo. With the Legate, you don't even need a vial in order to do that!

Posted By: Tamerlein (8/5/2013 10:01:38 AM)



You don't have a useless creature and 1/3 second turn, you have a 1/3 flyer, an island walk enabler, and enough mana for a counterspell or merfolk lord. Tribal effects make things with evasion good. The main difficulty with tribal effects is having both the lords and the creatures to take advantage of them. You get the second part for free with this guy.
Posted By: jonrds (4/5/2014 3:30:17 PM)


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