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Has a very nice combo with Kessig Wolf Run
Posted By: EyeballFrog (5/1/2012 8:51:25 PM)


This is such an amazing underrated/underpriced rare that I have 4 of them.

The most amazing thing is that it is such a Green card: Improve a creatures power/toughness, and somehow increase your mana pool. The Totem Armor ability, however, seems more White than Green, but I'm not going to start complaining. It's like if you're complaining about Persist being worse than the (stupid) Undying ability.

Omnath, Lotus of Mana is perhaps the second best creature to attach this to (next to Hellkite Charger), seeing as they are from the same block (as well as his mana shenanigans). You attach to him, tap all your green mana, attack (when you're able), and then tap all your green mana again.

There really isn't any problems here. It protects your creature from dying to something like Wrath of God (because it's not really regenerating), and fits perfectly in the Rafiq of the Many Voltron EDH deck.

Besides aut... (see all)
Posted By: Ferlord (2/12/2012 9:39:41 AM)


@TPmanW run Aggravated Assault for infinite attack phases and infinite mana, however the mana is still limited to how much you can use per phase. aggravated assault also runs well with Liege of the Tangle or anything that turns all lands into creatures to create infinite mana in one phase. I have an EDH deck that runs all of this with child of alara as the general, and also gives him double strike.
Posted By: WytLytnn (5/14/2011 10:27:33 PM)


Stupidly good with Oran-Rief, the Vastwood.
Posted By: Totema (5/25/2012 10:48:09 PM)


Bear shields to full!
Posted By: Tivadercrusader (7/7/2012 1:24:49 AM)


Hellkite Charger and this = unlimited attacking turns. Whoohoo!
Posted By: Pramxnim (4/15/2010 11:55:23 PM)


Now I can put my bears in a bear. My life is complete, I'm in bearscape heaven.
Posted By: fernaske (4/24/2010 9:15:30 PM)


My edh general, Omnath, now has a strange fascination with bears...
Posted By: statiefreez (4/16/2010 6:31:50 PM)


Auras without the risk of card disadvantage, yet with an early harvest each combat. These Umbras make me smile.
Posted By: Mode (4/16/2010 7:49:14 AM)


Unfortunately, MtG bears don't untap your lands.
Posted By: Axelle (5/21/2011 10:13:36 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!