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Okay, everyone- I got a ruling from three different judges, and they all said the same thing:
If I have Guile and Nether Void in play, then I cast a spell and let Nether Void counter it,
it will still require 3 to resolve when it comes out of Guile.
Not paying that 3 will cause the spell to fail again, and Guile can cast it again.
This can be repeated to build up a Storm count as high as you wish,
and then you can kill an entire table of creatures and players with a single Grapeshot.

Not quite as fun as what I had in mind,
but I still think I'm going to be using this combo... I just need to add some Storm cards to the deck.
Posted By: drpvfx (1/27/2012 1:50:57 PM)


i love everything about this card. the artwork is some crazy HP lovecraft stuff and the card mechanic itself is totally amazing to build a deck around. i've been playing with 3 in a deck for at least a year with my friends and i never get tired of saying it - "i'll cast nether void." the response is always something along the lines of "*** you." works really well with modern cards, too.
Posted By: gasimakos1 (4/27/2011 7:42:21 AM)


Remind me to build some nasty tribal deck with this and Cavern of Souls.
Posted By: Mode (4/29/2012 6:54:21 AM)


@DRPVFX: Thanks! That's a beautiful chain of thought. Grapeshot is good, I think mixing in Volcanic Awakening is gonna be my way to go...
Posted By: Psychrates (2/28/2012 7:27:18 AM)


It has long been said that the goal of a permission deck is to turn Counterspell into a permanent.

Well, this is Mana Leak: The Permanent.
Posted By: The_Trendkill (2/14/2013 9:25:06 AM)


great shut down and win card....plus the flavot text is so funny
Posted By: theabyss (12/3/2009 3:59:06 PM)


And not just of the -1/-1 variety.
Posted By: ratchet1215 (10/14/2009 7:30:58 PM)


Very powerful and anoying card.
Posted By: True_Smog (11/18/2009 10:54:24 AM)


Whoa. Black had counters once.
Posted By: FogRaider (10/8/2009 3:35:07 PM)


@Yozuk and drpvfx:

Okay guys, according to Rule 614.6, Guile's ability causes a modified event (exiling the spell and playing/casting it) to occur instead of the original countering of the spell by Nether Void, and this event may in turn trigger abilities. So, if Guile's ability allows you to "cast" the card, then this can cause an infinite casting loop (which could be used to build up an arbitrarily large storm count).

However, according to Rule 701.10d, cards that refer to casting cards as "playing" them have all been updated in Oracle to refer to "casting" that card. If this is true, and since Guile's ability apparently still reads "you may play that card," then I'd doubt that the card is actually being cast; rather, it seems like it is being put directly onto the stack, as a copy of a spell with Replicate or Storm might be, I suppose. Except, according to Rule 701.10b, "to pl... (see all)
Posted By: Ragamander (12/4/2011 1:37:35 AM)


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