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I love the flavor text on this card
Posted By: supershawn (3/24/2010 8:24:20 PM)


Yeah I combo with a bunch of cards to make my opponent draw cards and then.... oh sh*t i just got owned my opponent's new spells he just drew. 4 life for 2 cards is a good deal people, stick with cards like howling mine for that sort of deck.

Playing this + Phyrexian Arenais a nice way to get some useful cards in my hand, and when the cards you drew were Tendrils of Corruption or Vampire Nighthawkand Dark Ritualthen the life loss doesn't even matter.
Posted By: Kurraga (4/28/2010 8:59:08 AM)


I just love this flavor text so much.
Posted By: achilleselbow (5/17/2010 7:10:06 AM)


One of my friends use this. Its' great in multiplayer teams because you can always draw some cards for one of your teammates if they need it.
Posted By: Silverware (12/4/2009 2:32:51 AM)


I use this with Underworld Dreams, Bloodchief Ascension, Teferis Puzzlebox. This card rules because if you dont get your combo you can cast it on yourself, and if you already have U.D. out your opponent takes 4 damage and it puts two more cards in their hand for next turn with T.P. they eat two more. I close the combo with Winter Orb when the combo has U.D.,B.A., T.P. or Howling Mine. This is my strongest deck as it also has Damnation, Vampiric Link, Terror, Pithing Needle and a few common 1 or 2 cast defences. Sign in Blood sets the whole thing off.
Posted By: KeepSexyLadies (1/13/2010 12:00:18 PM)


Nice draw spell, it can be even better that Night's Whisper because it can kills your opponent. But why the hell Black has better draw spell than Blue ?
Posted By: True_Smog (11/11/2009 6:51:22 AM)


everything comes with a price with black. Goes good with Bloodchief Ascension on turn two if you go first. I have it in my vamp deck in exchange for swamps. Good card. 4.5/5.
Posted By: StriderHiryu (1/10/2010 12:38:58 PM)


use this with Megrim and some discard power, to keep a good sized hand on opponent, then i mind sludge. does a good amount of damage really quick.
Posted By: kkylee90 (3/8/2010 11:44:49 PM)


Lilianas Caress. Signed In Blood then Mind Rot. thats 6 damage for 5 damage and you take away cards from them. its basically milling with damage thrown in. It works especially well when your trying to hurt them through discard and they have no cards. its pretty mean.
Posted By: ThatGuyYouHate (9/26/2010 9:54:00 PM)


I put this in my discarding deck in case I need cards or I need to make my oppenent draw cards so I can force him to discard them
Posted By: Ninjakraken (1/22/2011 9:51:29 AM)