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On constructed: In past formats it's seen some play, though not much; I've only recently seen it as a one-of to compliment Blightning. In the coming standard, it's simply not going to be played: see Obstinate Baloth and Vengevine.
On limited: The hard thing about limited cards that do nothing BUT force the opponent to discard is that running enough of them to make sure you draw them in time will also cause you to draw them when you don't want them (thereby eliminating the advantage you receive by casting one early). Yes, it's a two-for-one, but it's a conditional two-for-one. Late game (unless you're playing a mana-screwed opponent or a green deck) it often simply doesn't have targets. It's definitely main-deckable, but I wouldn't put more than one in most decks, especially since the aggro black decks want to be dropping Barony Vamps turn three. The best time to pick this up is mid-to-late-pack, and not over anything else useful.
Posted By: Selez (8/20/2010 2:54:48 PM)


Hymn To Tourach is a more fun way of doing it (and cheaper!), but for standard this is a nifty little card all the same.
Posted By: GottaRunGottaRunNow (8/23/2010 9:12:00 AM)


This is one hell of a psychological tool against people who aren't used to playing against discard. It really can mess up the other person's game, although still not as much as Hymn to Tourach does of course. Still, watching an opponent spend a minute agonizing over what to discard can be worth running a subpar card.
Posted By: Dragon_Nut (3/15/2011 8:10:46 PM)


In standard this is power!
Posted By: Bootsgamer (4/7/2011 11:40:09 PM)


I dunno, I think this card gets too much hate. Sure, it's bad against Vengevine and Baloth, but, not every deck plays them. I play about 3 of these main deck, if by chance I play a game where it has no use, I side them out for Memoricide or whatever is more useful to me. I think that against the right deck, a well timed Mind Rot can be disastrous, especially if you have card draw like Sign in Blood, and 2 in 1s like Gatekeeper of Malakir, meaning you'll have card advantage.
Posted By: Sterling_Archer (5/11/2011 8:32:17 AM)


Average, but I like it. It has won me many a casual game.
Posted By: Splizer (6/7/2011 7:11:32 AM)


Strictly better than Dementia Bat
Posted By: SniperJolly (6/20/2011 12:41:50 PM)


its fun to make people discard
Posted By: iNathan (7/25/2010 9:55:52 PM)


What about Liliana's Caress followed by Blightning?
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (7/14/2010 9:38:03 PM)


The real question is, if Coercion isn't more flavorful than this card. At least you could have chosen Jace.
Posted By: Cheza (8/9/2010 12:08:22 PM)


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