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There are many ways in which a player can have more than one creature enter the battlefield in a turn. Remember, tokens count too! It's going to be very interesting to see how people try to play around Traps like this. Keeping an Island untapped to ensure that your opponent doesn't play out lots of creatures in one turn is awesome.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (9/4/2009 2:13:14 PM)


Having just seen Warren Instigator, I think we'll be seeing two creatures coming into play on one turn fairly regularly for a while, so this card could become very useful. Although if the Instigator is dropping Siege-Gang Commanders then it might still not be powerful enough to make a difference.
Posted By: Arkhon_Xa (9/4/2009 9:10:45 AM)


Note to Mode: There has previously been a subtype for instants and sorceries, found in Kamigawa: Arcane. Arcane was a subtype tacked onto several instants and sorceries, and it was most noted for the Splice Into Arcane ability on several spells, which allowed you to pay a cost, reveal the splicing card, and the effect gets added to the Arcane spell spell being played. Several creatures also were affected by the playing of Arcane spells, such as the cycles of the Baku and the Onna spirits, and there are several more I can't even recall at this time. Point being, subtypes to Instants and sorceries isn't new, it's just extremely uncommon.
Posted By: Oleander (9/4/2009 3:08:34 PM)


Bounce-tastic in limited. Kicks many forms of aggro in the shins.
Posted By: Orayn_Elvish_Blademaster (9/6/2009 7:47:07 AM)


I like it, but it's exspensive main cost will drive people to use its' alt. Not that theres anything wrong with the alt, in fact, I think it's better, putting your oppant back by a turn or two.
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (9/7/2009 9:25:10 AM)


These traps are clearly of the sort designed to fling Canadians over the border onto Amurican soil. 4/5.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (10/28/2010 7:43:01 PM)


o hay Vengevine.
Posted By: CeremonialBathory (12/22/2010 3:27:16 AM)


This is good for it's alt cost. It's actually quite common for two creatures to come into play on one turn. Good against faeires too.
Posted By: Forgeling (9/3/2009 11:53:14 AM)


It's a trap!

I waited for generous Instant or Sorcery subtypes for ages, finally we are provided with it.
Trap cards look a lot like fun and interesting gameplay.

The alternate cost is incredible. Two creatures a turn isn't something seen too rarely.
The regular casting cost is rather fortunate though, but still playable.

Posted By: Mode (9/3/2009 11:40:26 PM)


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