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Weak in Darksteel, weak in 9th edition, weak in 10th edition, weak in M10, weak in M11, weak in M12, weak in M13... Weak forever.
Posted By: nimzo (10/17/2010 8:40:10 PM)


Rofl love this card. I try to play it as soon as I can, since my deck is mainly white with some green in it. The green and white work very well together in a life gain deck while boosting the white creatures with green spells. In my lifegain deck, a majority of my creatures also have the ability to give me life, like angel's mercy and ancestors chosen.
Posted By: dragy148816 (2/22/2011 4:16:47 PM)


Everyone saying this card sucks obviously hasnt foun ways to be very creative and resourceful with it My gf runs 2 Ajani's Pridemate with 2 of these, 2 Ajani's Mantra, a Golem's Heart, and a whole lot of other life-gaining cards. Ajani's Pridemate gets beefed up like nothing.
Posted By: NocteMundi (3/24/2011 7:18:04 PM)


I've nearly 180ed on my opinion of this cycle. As I said with Demon's Horn, they should be commons, but these days metalcraft and phyrexian mana give them more playability than they used to have, IMO.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (6/11/2011 9:37:32 AM)


My life gain deck runs Whitemane Lion, Kor Skyfisher and Stonecloaker.

Angel's Feather is a superstar in that deck. It is priceless when I see my opponents disenchant this card!! Angel's Feather seems like it's a newbie card - a card for new players to understand the game better and learn from. But in reality, this is a hidden Johnny gem!

It is a card where most people think, "Oh, it's JUST Angel's Feather..." until someone gains 12 life in one turn off of it. I give this awesome passive spell a 4/5 for sheer solidness in a lifegain deck.
Posted By: dberry02 (7/2/2011 11:01:00 AM)


I said it on Kraken's Eye and I'll say it again here; I've had to play against two of these sitting on the table across from me in a mono-white deck. You're opponent getting 2 life everytime he does anything is endlessly frustrating. Especially with something like Soul Warden on the field. When they're gaining 3 life everytime they play a creature, it becomes difficult to win. At that point this thing called inevitability kicks in-- does the life gain make them win? No, but it lets them "not loose" long enough to draw their finishers. That's where this cycle comes in handy; they're all very good at slowing the game down.

Anything that makes me go to my sideboard to pull out another two copies of Naturalize is a good card in my book.

Also, as someone said of the cycle I think Dragon's Claw is probably the best as it affectively reduces all burn spells by 1.
Posted By: PhyrexianLobbiest (7/17/2010 7:21:31 AM)


I wish they'd stop taking up valuable space with these.
Posted By: Asinine-Ultimatum (7/13/2010 2:12:42 AM)


ok no one is going to like this.......

i run four Angel's Feather along with four Soul Warden and guess what four Soul Attendant and to gain me some life Nomads Assembly and to finish the game Felidar Sovereign oh and if that never works i can always have some op Anjani's Pridemate.

Easy life gain and big creatures.
Posted By: proanciey (4/23/2011 1:06:11 PM)


Please stop printing this cycle, WotC. It's a waste of cards.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (7/9/2010 5:11:37 PM)


Probably the best of the lucky charms (which isn't saying much) since it actually has synergy with its mana color. Still a waste of a set space though.
Posted By: Troutz (8/14/2010 11:21:33 PM)