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Erik's Random card 7/15/2011

When this card came from design it was

2: Until end of turn, target artifact creature gets +1/+1 or gains flying, trample, or infect.

We played with it, and it ended games very quickly. So Mike Turian (the lead developer) made it fatter and slower. Usually creatures that can give themselves +1/+1 until end of turn have the same power and toughness ("square stats"). If they didn't, it would double the amount of arithmetic.

2: Until end of turn, target artifact creature gets +1/+1 or gains flying, trample, or infect.

Mike had to go on vacation, so he asked the team to do more play tests, and put Aaron Forsythe in charge of the file. It became clear that infect was the problem. if your opponent didn't leave creatures back to block, infect plus power pumping was game. If they did, flying plus infect was too fast a clock. So we replaced infect with haste. Since this made it slower, we took it back down a mana, and made it one smaller.

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Posted By: WotC_ErikL (7/15/2011 11:50:08 PM)


@ ParadOxymoron
...because you can chose/pay both individually, I guess!
It does not have good synergy wit Precursor Golem nor it starts pumping every artifact creature at once...
But yes, it might work fine with Training Grounds using Grand Architect to bring it on.
Posted By: mxruka (11/3/2010 3:50:32 AM)


Not bad for limited. where making profit of extra mana is often needed. He can pump himself, in worst case scenario.
Posted By: Gavrilo (9/29/2010 7:12:07 AM)


Awesome flavour text hahahaha :D
Posted By: Stray_Dog (10/1/2010 11:26:04 AM)


Did help out a decent bit at the prerelease, pumping up an etched champion and giving it haste isn't so bad.
Posted By: Theostratus (9/26/2010 3:06:08 PM)


I'd like to see this paired with Training Grounds giving all artifact creatures +1/+1 pump for 1 colorless.
Posted By: Salohkin (10/4/2010 1:54:14 PM)


So essentially since this card doesnt get tapped when you use his abilities, if you put it in say a Myr infinite mana deck, you could pretty much have all your creatures have infinite damage with haste, flying, and trample!!! Is this correct?
Posted By: Darkwing1232 (5/17/2011 11:19:58 AM)


@ZuesAscendant: Learn to read. = your wrong
Posted By: BioPrince (10/17/2010 6:04:12 PM)


Glorious synergy with Precursor Golem

@BioPrince, ParadOzymoron, mxruka:

Synergy the other direction...cause they're both Golems and...you know what, never mind.
Posted By: ZuesAscendant (11/7/2010 10:53:09 PM)


Golem Artisan + Voltaic Key + Golem Foundry + Semblance Anvil = lolz
Posted By: Nice (10/31/2010 11:36:59 AM)


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